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Hello, and welcome to the weekend. Let's start things off with a few shots from last night's Mohawk event.

Holy Sheet Cake! We're helping celebrate Lidl's launch in the states by stuffing some cake in our faces. #rethinkgrocery

Tonight tonight tonight! Oh! Tonight we are joined by Mohawk to celebrate the launch of Maker Quarterly 12. We can't wait! Check out all these exclamation points!!!!

A team that creates an Amish-inspired aluminum Hamm's delivery wagon together for the @kensingtonkineticarts #kensingtonkineticsculpturederby, stays together. Thanks to @franklininstitute for the surrey bike and to @hammsbeer for the inspiration. And congrats to our main man @krobertpaulson for this year's Best Art win!

It's bonus day! Two @gregpuglese Fishtowns for the price of one! That price being "free." Enjoy!

Another series from 160 and Fishtown's own @gregpuglese

This week we've got a new illustration series by sr. designer @gregpuglese, inspired by Fishtown Natives.

Hello! And goodbye! It's the last day of @johnnyandow week, featuring this moment from the Wisconsin (weirdly enough) shoot. It was one lucky moment during a rainstorm, one that shouldn't have happened at all, and all in just one take. DOP: Jeremy McDaniel

Raaaaad it's @johnnyandow week day 4. This Ohio Northern engineering student is captured racing his creation across an empty field; the photo being the result of six smoke canisters and three (hot) takes. DOP: Matt Batchelor

Day 3 with @johnnyandow - they say filmmaking is 90% casting the right people, and although that number seems a little high, it certainly made the Power Home shoot. These two seemed like they had been sitting on that lawn together for 20 years. DP: Jeremy McDaniel

Day 2 with @johnnyandow brings us to the University of Florida, wherein we follow a firefighter into a simulation room. Crank that fog machine to 11! Also, don't play with matches. DOP: Kevin Lang

This week's instagram takeover comes from 160 director @johnnyandow, featuring stills from recent shoots. This one comes from Mercer University: "We never planned to stand in the middle of two-way traffic on a busy road, but when the cinematographer, saw an opportunity, he went for it. We already had the shots we needed, but because he trusted his instincts, we ended up getting one of the best shots of the video." DP: Kevin Lang

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