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Thirteen Reasons Why  I love my cutie Selena, 13 reasons why and I am here to support Selena's work! (since January 25, 2017) 2 season coming soon!! Posting news and edits

Ya love them😍❤ #13reasonswhy #selenagomez

I'm so shocked and scared! This is horrible, and I just can't imagine what Ariana and the families of the affected people are feeling right now😭😭my prayers are with them❤ #13reasonswhy #selenagomez #arianagrande #taylorswift

Guys thanks to everyone who join our game! It really means a lot. It was so amusing and funny. If you want to play an another game, just comment your proposition under this post. #13reasonswhy #selenagomez

And I think the last and the easiest one. #13reasonswhy

Guess the episode #13reasonswhy

What's the episode ? #13reasonswhy

So happy to see them dancing. What's the episode ? #13reasonswhy

What's the episode? #13reasonswhy

Here's the next one. #13reasonswhy

Here's the 3rd one! What's the episode?#13reasonswhy

Here's the next one with Hannah Baker. What's the episode? #13reasonswhy

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