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You were only months with me in this one...it's time I share this one....Me and my mother had a terrible relationship for + years I recently had a beautiful break threw with her.. we had a very open and painful dialogue mama I know you have suffered so much in life the lost of your father at 13 and your own mother abandoning you... I now know why it was so hard for you to show any emotional attachment to your only Son... you suffered verbal and physical abuse at the hands of my father ... you asked me something I never thought you would ever ask me for and that was forgiveness ....and in that moment I told her that I was ready because I won't and can't hold on to the negativity no more... what a beautiful woman your are thank you for giving birth to me and for always loving me no matter the countless times that we have hurt each other ... Mama I promise you you won't ever have to bury me! I'll bury you! You still worry at times but I know you will always be there I will continue to be a better Son and a better Man ... my victory is much bigger then me ! I have to Win no matter the cost even if my life has to be sacrificed then so be it! Because I am willing to die for what I believe in that's how passionate I am ! We both had made mistakes but if I broke threw with you! I know that I can with the one I love! And then some! Actual proof Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

I found this today cleaning out my stuff it serves as a reminder of we're my head space and environment used to be I've come a long way with my Buddhist practice I used to hate a part of me before not anymore I love him and show compassion to him at all times I will NEVER give up on me I know what it's like not to live ... i will continue to be more Vulnerable no matter the outcome I will love even harder then before I won't go back to darkness because that would be to easy for me....

Happy birthday your finally 30 lol also thank you and I appreciate you for always being here for me when everyone told you I was a nobody when I've made so many mistakes you have forgiven me so always had loved me unconditionally and for that the amount gratitude is limitless.. I know me and you will always have each other's back no matter what you will always be my baby sister I love you! Thank you for not giving up on me...

When it all makes sense... She snaps in and out of reality but when I get her ... She always makes sense... I love you thank you for the beatings and the hugs and kisses... Thank you for always reminding me

In this dark tunnel there is always light ... And occasionally a smoke 📽: @anjelicajardiel

Grandmas love part 2

Who are you anyway?

She's beautiful when she's mad. ( well not in this picture it's a quote that reminds me of her. Thank you for being my friend thank you for being you ❤️ and happy born day ! 🍰💎

Sea side Gorgeous.

U.K. Perspective

Thank you for being you ❤️

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