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I could say I wandered aimlessly for an hour this morning -- but I had purpose (find champagne; impossible on Sunday before 1 pm). there was a #contratrump protest, giant, lively, coming together as an organism, congregating by the angel and spreading beyond onto la reforma... I wonder how long it would take for people to start asking "do you support your president" when we travel, as they did 10 years ago when bush was wrecking his havoc onto the country. #cdmx #whereis10catz

it was so ❄️cold❄️ today that i took the liberty of adding an oversized scarf to the very fashionable topless look i’ve been sporting for days. i think houston should have its own edition of vogue published; the one that would drop this ridiculousness called “seasons” and just focus on how to dress in smart layers, so that you can sunbathe, prevent frostbite, and stay dry all in one day.

never stop moving. #mke #whereis10catz #winter

K is for kicking off the year with killer views of #cdmx #alphabetwith10catz #whereis10catz

I is for incredible structures #alphabetwith10catz #whereis10catz

H es para ¡Hola México!#alphabetwith10catz #whereis10catz

G is for goodbye, George Michael... #sadchristmas

F is for finding oneself feeling lazy on the morning of the port of call and choosing loafing on the private aft deck over getting sandy on the beach. Frankie serenaded, as I started and finished a fantastic read by Kundera. #alphabetwith10catz #whereis10catz

E is for E la nave va #alphabetwith10catz #whereis10catz

D is for delayed departure to desired destination with dreamy dories drifting in a distant dock #alphabetwith10catz #whereis10catz