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ALL 1KCORP.COM ORDERS SHIPPED πŸ“¦πŸ“¬ // We appreciate your cooperation and support - 1KTEAM

Nike Air #Vapormax
For @nikenyc
By @yungwolftown

New Armory at 1KCORP.COM

I would like to start by thanking those who have stuck by my side while I transition this project to its next phase. It has not been easy for me.

The last 8 months have been some of the most difficult I've had to endure. From working 15-30 hour shifts at a time with maybe 2-3 hours of sleep in between as well as losing one of my closest family members all while trying to plan my future has been manic.

Having said that, I would not change this situation in any way because of all I have learned.

I am happy to say I'm no longer doing this alone but have expanded to a 4 man team to help me with everything I can't do efficiently on my own. Mainly getting items to the customer in a timely manner.


Although I have gotten through the majority of my order log I know I have missed some due to my old order method.

I will not be communicating through IG anymore for order info or status.

So please, if you have a pending order please email me at info@1kism.com

If you have done so please just bump your email thread between us so we can get you situated.

Moving forward. Anything ordered on 1KCORP.COM will ship within the following week of order.

My team and I have been working very hard to bring you @1KCORP Phase 2


Thanks all for your support πŸ›°

Transport seal

225 hours of labor #onemanarmy

ALWAYS working, 25/8
Photo by @24bucks

Lunch break

Canted modular pocket block combo. Looks like a pocket floating over another but is actually attached. Only the lower pouches were made by me installed on an Acronym 3TS #comingsoon #opticalillusion #1kcorp

Welcome to @1KCORP
Video by the amazing @chaos3rdeye



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