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We all lack the knowledge we really want, although it’s impossible to know everything and the more you get to know, the more you learn that you don’t know yet. An important element is that we simply don’t have the time to do all the research ourself and therefore we trust a specialist, guru or somebody else who’s presenting her or his research or experience with a compelling story, which is a great way to gain new knowledge in my opinion.
The catch in all this, is that we’re all unique and we learn best from our personal experience, just the simple actions. So, trade time for experience instead of second hand knowledge. Speaking of which, why don’t you do your own mini-research by a simple 10 day challenge? You can start everyday, learn and also have fun! We already know so much more than we think we know!

If you want to start with a #10dayChallenge and want some tips, send me a DM. I love to connect!

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Watering plants is one of the best ways to grow your plants and give your plants ‘attention’. You can talk to the flower or cuddle it.. but yeah, I believe that is not really effective. Every plant you give attention to (water) will eventually grow.

Your goals are like flowers. If you give attention to changing, spend time on something you want to change and act on it - you will grow towards achieving it.

But if you don’t give attention to a plant, it wil just not ‘stop growing’ or delay growing.. it could dry out and die. Without attention to change you’ll sooner rather than later end up less than you are now. Please. don’t waste your potential!! The sun is up, don’t forget to water your goals and have a great day!
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In the #10books post series I will share ten books that contain essential, ‘must read’ knowledge about your journey of change. •
The fifth book is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson. This book is about a lot. It’s about decisions, changes in perspective, he cuts through the crap to show us how to stop trying to be "positive" all the time so that we can truly become better, happier people. In conclusion: To grow is to be happy. •
I just finished reading the book and already feel the urge to read it again! Did you read this book? Or are you going to read it? •

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“I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies.” — Winston Churchill⠀

An easy mistake when you’ve learned something mind blown in your journey of change is to share it directly with your environment after you’ve learned it. Although there is no shortcut in this either. We first need to understand, than we need to act on it before we are able to share it compellingly with passion.⠀

So watch what people do, instead of what they are blabbering about. Behavior is much harder to change than a sentence. ⠀

Keep going today, make momentum, progress is progress - no matter how insignificant it feels for you. Have a great day!⠀

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"If I have done this, or achieved that, than I’ll be happy with my life or myself". ⠀

Maybe it’s not even a conscious though but you act on it. When you’re working on changing yourself, your life or your business, we could easily be unsatisfied with today’s current state or progress. ⠀

But today is the day you make another step, so be glad with the momentum. Be happy with today and don’t always look up to the next goal. It’s great to have goals, especially long term goals, but don’t forget to be in the now. Today. ⠀

Just a little exercise: Take a second to put your eyes in the top right corner and tilt you head up a little in the same direction. Smile softly. You’re rocking today towards your future, yet today is the day you smile. ⠀

Enjoy your life today, Happy Monday! ⠀

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## Story repost if you join the challenge!! ##

10 day challenges are a great way to kickstart new behavior or become aware of your current behavior.

If you want to join this challenge just do any kind of Yoga for at least 10 minutes for the next 10 days! You can practice Yoga to become aware of your posture, your breathing or simply release yourself a little from the stress in your body. Even if you don’t get positive vibes from Yoga, just try it for 10 days and have fun!

For this challenge I would like to try something new. If you’re going to join this challenge please post a video in your stories and tag @1000daysjourney or #1000daysjourney in it and I’ll share your story in the stories of this account.
If you’re totally new to Yoga (like me), follow my account and I’ll share a video + link every day in my stories.
If you’re already into Yoga, please share your own video or awesome yoga lessons from the interwebs, so I could share them too!
Have an amazing day! If you have any questions about this challenge or achieving your goals, send me a DM!
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Don’t do it for the money.

Don’t let your wages be just enough distraction, to let you forget your dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against money as a concept. It is way better than the bartering of the old days. What’s not to like, is that for some people money has become the objective, their reason get out of bed and act, to thrive in collecting more property.
I believe that it is good to have goals in your live and to achieve more than you’re doing right now, however if money is your only incentive in your job or anything else you’re doing - you should ask yourself the question if you really want to do this.

Always follow your passion!
I hope you have an amazing day and a great journey!

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An investment banker was enjoying his three day holiday at the beach when he spotted a small fisherman boat. After an hour the boat returned and the banker walked up to the pier. Inside the boat was an old fisherman with some fish he caught. “I love those fish” the banker said, “How often a day do you go out to fish on the sea?” the banker asked. “Only once a day” the fisherman replied. “What do you do with the rest of your time”, the banker asked. “I play with my children, take naps when I want to, play guitar and drink wine in the village with my friends until late at night”.⠀

“Why don’t you fish more hours a day, with the profit you could buy an extra boat, from the extra boat you could buy a fleet of fishing boats, setup a franchise, sell your fish via the internet, open stores all around the world and travel while making money and create a huge business in not more than 10 years”, the banker told the fisherman. ⠀

“But why would I do that”, the fisherman asked. ⠀

The investment banker smiled, “That’s the most amazing part. While your franchise is making money you could retire, move to the beach, fish a little, play with your kids, take naps when you want to, play guitar and drink wine in the village with my friends until late every night!...”⠀ —
Note: This is a well known story from another author but I rewrote it to keep it short and have some fun writing. Enjoy your Sunday! ⠀
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In the #10books post series I will share ten books that contain essential, ‘must read’ knowledge about your journey of change.
The fourth book is ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman (who happens to be a winner of the Nobel Prize). This book is about how our brain shift between thinking fast (so called system 1) and thinking slow (system 2). System 1 is intuitive based on mental conventions. System 2 is the super computer than can run complex programs. System 1 triggers system 2 yet system 2 is able to create new behavior in system 1, kinda like a task list.

I remember that this was kind of a tough book to go through, but also one I’ll read again after I finish my current book. It contains so many important information about how our thinking works, that this is almost essential to apply when you want to change.
Did you read this book? Or are you going to read it? .
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10 day challenges are a great way to kickstart new behavior or become aware of your current behavior.

In this challenge you’ll shower with only cold water every morning for the next 10 days. Cold showers build massive will power and research (done by the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in 2007) found out that cold showers can help with treating depression symptoms and, if you do this on a regular basis, may be more beneficial than prescription medications.
But most of all it is the dare - to do something almost nobody likes to do. You’ll notice that after around 15 seconds the water starts to feel quite the same as a warm shower and as a side effect you’ll also save some money on your energy bill!
Please notice, always be careful that you don’t get too cold! Take good care of yourself!

If you want to join this challenge, use #hashtag #10DaysOfFreezingShowers and tag @1000daysjourney in it!
If you have any questions about achieving your goals or if you want to join this challenge, send me a DM!
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Are you a crew member or passenger in life?

Are you actively working on life or waiting for others to work on this life for you?

You might be thinking that we’re all crew members in life and working hard every day. Unfortunately this might not be true. Even if you work hard on your job or anything else, you need to make a decision to swim against the current, towards your destination. If you don’t make a decision - you also make a decision because swimming with the current is default and it will get you somewhere…unless you don’t want to be there.
In this journey that we call live we must decide for ourself if we are the crew or the passengers! So, what’s your choice? .
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As humans we have the ability to achieve almost any goal we want to. One of the reasons we don’t, is that achieving it WHEN YOU WANT TO is not one of the prerequisites. Our goals, dreams or wishes have a really bad relationship with our calendar. A goal without a plan is just a wish, but a plan without room for change, the reality of your schedule, is just a recipe for frustration. And frustration leads to anger. Anger leads to the dark side.. uh, yeah, quitting your journey of change and bye bye achieving your goal. So make room for the unexpected and let reality be what it is. That’s why ‘catching up’ is part of your journey of change in the 1000 days system.

Whats your dream, wish, goal? Do you use a system for change? Let me know!
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