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CHADMAN  Father. Combat Vet. Host of “KERNvets” @ KERN Radio, Host “Center Mass” @ @canoodlestudios. Suicide Prevention Advocate and creator of #fightsuicide.

Well...I “was” listening to the new @scarsonbroadway / @daronmalakian on my surround sound....I was overruled by the boyz and now we are watching and jamming out to @dinotrux.dw. #fatherandsons #anakinkendrick #thorincarmine #therealchadman #metal #boys

You wake up to this in your face....what do you do?

A conversation I just had with my wife.

These runts..... How many cups do they need in one day?!

Watch out @lilexplorers. Don’t let looks deceive you. The Wild Child will be there soon. #anakinkendrick #goodluck #gonnaneedit

Have I told you all that I am also a talented magician?
It’s getting pretty serious. (As you can see my Chihuahua princess’s reaction)

I’ll probably be performing in front of senior citizens and pre schoolers soon.

- I WANT TO SHARE THIS MOMENT WITH YOU ALL - This is how I #fightsuicide and overcome the impact of my mother’s death. Right here. My therapy and medication regime is unique. Consists of my radio/webcasting career, advocating, skydiving, proper use of Cannabis, and most of all: MY 2 SONS. #therealchadman #overcome #combatveteran #ptsgrowth

It is pretty awesome jumping out of an airplane and having your son pick you up from the drop zone after landing. My 20th solo is in the books!! Our new member Jason Duran jumps next on his first solo!!

Brought my son out here while I do my 20th solo skydive. He’s enjoying himself on the half pipe.

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