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narry❤  one dιrecтιon.. тнe only way тo ғly✈✈ 🍌 dυde... narry ιѕ real🍌✌ jυdge мe, ι don'т care🍀🐱 {ιnѕerт over υѕed 1d joĸe нere} ~lιve wнιle we're yoυng~

😔 Niall babe.... // I'm loosing followers!!!! Tell me what I have done! Please!

#ziall my feels... They have exploded.. If that was Harry and Niall I would have ripped my self in half and cried #truestory #niallhoran #zaynmalik #ziall

Meh edit cuz #narryisreal #narry

Ed and Harry last night ^.^

Going to school😒😒 wish me luck in the real world😱

😈 Yus😈 #harrystyles

Chapter 1: "I'm sorry Niall... I have to" I cry into his shoulder as he rubs my back.
"but.. You said forever" he whispered.
My family is moving away, far from mulligar. Niall is my boyfriend, well was... Now he's my ex boyfriend. I can't have long distance relationships, him in Ireland... Me in England.. It doesn't work. "hey, chin up" I say and kiss his cheek
"just remeber.." he says
"Forever" I whisper
"Is just a dream" he whispered back. I pull away and get in the car, staring at him. His face is red, tears run down his cheeks. I wave goodbye as the car pulls out of the drive. We drive away and I stare back at him.
We turn the corner and I burst into tears, covering my face and looking out the window. I put in my head phones and turn on a sad song. Count on you, Bruno mars. Our song.
I sigh, looking at my lock screen, our 3 year anniversery picture. Tears drop onto the screen as I cry, I cover my face with my hands and think of our memories... Our past, our everything. Now gone..... It's like they say... Forever, is just a dream
((feedback? Is it good? Sorry it's short))

💔 Payzer is over... My heart just shattered, the ship sank guys.. It's all over. #payzer #payzerisover #welovepayzer #payzerforever

My new fanfic cover (: comment if you want to be tagged ^.^

I made this.. You like? No? Ok (: @blonde_curly_fluffy_and_fork have HALARIOUS edits... Look at #bcffedits and check them out! Thanks😘

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