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David Fillmore  I Have Seen The Truth And It Doesn't Make Sense. Embrace Your Chaos. Former USMC 0311 Type. Houston➡️Santa Monica➡Austin #Project22 #BanginSangin


I've been noticing some things on social media recently amongst the Veteran Community that I'm not too much a fan of. #VetFlakes
Now I only speak for myself when I say this, so Fuck Yourself if you don't like it-
I served because I wanted to FUCKING GET SOME, and so people back home could FREEDOM THE FUCK ON. Not so I could come home and bitch at Americans about how they spend their holidays. I don't expect everyone to think the same as myself, so I'm not going to attack you about it. You've been told all weekend what Memorial Day means. So crack a cold one, pour those fucking shots, BLACKOUT ON FREEDOM. And if you don't mind, pour some out for my Brother(s).
If not, then good for you.
Namaste, MotherFucker.
OEF 09, Nawa, Helmand Province, Afghanistan: Donald J. Hogan 26 Aug 2009.
OEF 10.1, Helmand Province, Afghanistan: Gregory S. Stultz 19 Feb 2010.
OEF 11.1, Sangin River Valley, Helmand Province, Afghanistan: Gunnery Sergeant Ralph E. Pate JR 26 June 2011, Sergeant Chad D. Frokjer 30 June 2011, Sergeant Daniel J Patron 06 August 2011, Sergeant Adan Gonzalez JR 07 August 2011, Sergeant Joshua J. Robinson 07 August 2011, Corporal Gurpreet Singh 22 June 2011, Corporal Kyle R. Schneider 30 June 2011, Corporal Michael J. Dutcher 15 Sep 2011, Lance Corporal Joe M. Jackson 26 April 2011, Lance Corporal Ronald D. Freeman 28 April 2011, Lance Corporal Nicholas S. O'Brien 09 June 2011, Lance Corporal Sean M.N. O'Connor 12 June 2011, Lance Corporal John F. Farias (BOHICA) 28 June 2011, Lance Corporal Norberto Mendez-Hernandez 10 July 2011, Lance Corporal Robert S. Greniger 12 July 2011, and Staff Sergeant Thomas Dudley 7 July 2011. -MAKE PEACE OR DIE-

Well Played #SnapChat #ihateyouiloveyou
(Yeah, I stole your shit @jessicapassey 🤷🏻‍♂️)

#throwback to the "let's see how much shit Dave can carry on patrol" day.
I stepped outside the wire at 320lbs.
I weighed 180lbs. "What're you going to do if you hit contact, Fillmore?"
"Hold my Dick and Return Fire, Fuck it."
#FuckProne #BanginInSangin #AfghanSummerVacation #SnappinNecks #CashinChecks #SanginValleyGunClub

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😂😂😂🤔 This Romper shit is getting out of hand! All I see on my feed is Rompers... #TheOnlyManlyRomper

Shout Out to Doc King for rocking the ZF Canuck. #MooseJockey #SnowMexican #snowmexicansinamerica #MooseJockeyLivesMatter @cowboydoc with @repostapp

St.Mattis, The Patron Saint of Chaos.
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Hail to thee o Mattis. #staythecourse

This...This Is Just Fucking Amazing
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The greatest icing of all time

I have a lot of Respect and Admiration for this Marine. He works his ass off, he pushes himself even harder, and he places nothing above his Family. #Repost @j.r.phillips1 with @repostapp
Killing multiple birds with the same stone! Get some! .
Time with my family is way more important to me than any amount of money. Don't get me wrong, money is great! I just would rather be with my bride and children than doing anything else. Work hard, play hard, and enjoy each others company! So, when I'm home, I don't like letting them out of my site, not even to run or workout lol
But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Open they mouth wide and I will fill it!

Out at the Robertson Ranch on a Vet retreat playing with the Buffalo with @cowboydoc @rachaellea2228 @elijohenry
#GonnaRideOneIntoBattle #RachaelTriedToKillMeAgain #Veterans #Marines #Army

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Lesson 1. Remember 4WD hahaha I'm the first driver. Awesome ranch retreat last weekend by 2WD driver @rachaellea2228 :) 🎥: @03burnitdown and ATV push by @elijohenry

I'm a week late due to some personal shit:

Lance Corporal Ronald Freeman was on his first deployment when his body was destroyed by an improvised explosive device on April 28th,2011 in Sangin Valley, Afghanistan.
That date marked his daughter's first birthday and was less than two weeks after the birth of his son.
I had the Honor of fighting alongside Freeman. He is a Good Man, he is My Friend, My Brother, and a Damn Good Devil Dog.
I will never fault a man, or weep for one who died doing what he chose to do.
I have walked with Fucking Legends.
Semper Fucking Fidelis, Freeman

#MurderyAssFriends #WeAreEternal #USMarines #SanginBangin #SanginValley #sanginvalleygunclub #SeeYouInHellMotherFucker #SemperFidelis

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After the successful liberation of the #Iraq city of #Mosul by a combination of allied security and military forces against the so-called Islamic State, citizens who decided to stay rather than migrate out of the besieged city which was a battleground for many months have final gotten a degree of normality.
Although utilities to the area are still hard to distribute and damaged, water, food, shelter. One thing that has returned to the families in #Mosul is schooling, after some children have been out of schools for three years. Many parents choosing no education for their children as opposed to the extremist ideology the so-called Islamic State has enforced into the curriculum. Classes on Jihad, true Islam, and Sharia Law were all taught by soldiers rather than teachers, and the few teachers who remained able to teach had to be evaluated by the militants.
Now that the city has been returned to Iraqi control, children remain excited to learn once again after years of educational neglect. Funding by the #UnitedNations and other non-governing bodies has been able to reach #Mosul.
This moment in the war is seen by many as a sign of hope, and humanity being returned to a very war torn and scared region.

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