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Mint keto ice cream!

Galveston beach this morning!

A little bit of Houston flooding #harvey

This little guy gave me a heart attack this morning! Waking up at 5:00 am for cross country on the first day back to school was bad enough, but waking up to this little guy flying around my room was utterly terrifying! So, gathering my wits about me I put on a courageously put on my mothers hoodie and ran back into my room for my school bags while batting at the circling blackness with my arm and proceeded to go to school.
Later, my father and I looks desperately for the little critter, but to no avail. It was like he simply vanished. My parents, both never having seen the bat, began to think I had either been dreaming or making the whole story up. HOWEVER, just a few minutes ago I was walking down my hallway dreading the thought of going to sleep in my room which I knew the bat resided in despite of my parents belief and heard a scratching noice. In a box on my bedroom floor, I found him. My dad simply closed the box, since the bat seemed to have packaged himself, and set it outside with some water. We'll check to see if he's gone in the morning.


I am actually considering this #myheroacademia

Homemade, completely delicious, and ketogenic key lime pie. #theketocooks

Have you ever seen a water fall? #colorado

When you can't tell if they're gunshots or fireworks

Happy Fourth of July! 'N God bless America!

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