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Casey Salzman  lots of reptiles lots of clowns lots of tater tots

Kinda a shitty photo but the little guy is already getting a little bit bigger!!! #snappingturtles #snappingturtle #turtlesofinstagram

Aye I got a snapping turtle
#snappingturtles #snappingturtle

Just want to start this off real fast by saying how awesome this season of the haunt was, I truly loved every moment I got to spend doing it even on the worst nights.
I was told before the season started that I shouldn't do it this year for whatever the reason was and it did start me to think that maybe it's because I wasn't cut out for it and I should give up all together on it but with some more support I said fuck it and went in determined that I will be great. Worked my ass off every single night there and even on nights before we were even open just helping or working on myself. All that hard work came through in the very end by being bestowed monster of the year. So all I can say is a simple thank you to everyone I worked with and a nice fuck you to everyone everyone who thought I wasn't good enough. And next year I'll be bringing it right back

A better picture of Howard

I'm going to miss this so much
But considering I'll be working hard this year and actually being hands on involved all year long I'm sure It'll hold me over. Till then I shall rest

My new buddy

Come out to play with me and my friends #trailofscreams #clowns

The most wonderful time of the year #hauntedhouse #clown #nightmarefuel

Is that time of year again #hauntedhouse #clown #trailofscreams

I love sharing my passion of these animals with kids, they always seem so open to learning. it makes me feel so proud to tell them a fun fact about these animals and see the excitement in their eyes as they run off and tell someone else what they just learned. Today I had an awesome opportunity to go and teach younger kids about reptiles and show them they aren't monsters like they depict in media but more so long puppy dogs :)

My girl ♡♡ amazing how gorgeous she is #boaconstrictor

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