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Anna Cicone  My 5 year plan involves running away & joining the circus. Please note that rigging outside is dangerous, & I do not offer advice for how to do so πŸ’œ

Thank you to @nickzerman for spending some time showing me some simple doubles today! I'm a lot of person to hold up! You so strong.

Having fun playing with an old friend on this rainy Wednesday! Feeling ahead of schedule on this crazy month and that feels goooooooood. Student show this weekend!!! Come one come all, tickets at www.theaerialhouse.com

Playing with a little simple prettyness while I wash silkies for this weekend's show! If you haven't already, make sure to purchase tickets and come see our students kill it!! Available at www.theaerialhouse.com

Single Ankle hanging out this weekend with my lover man @nickzerman

Found this new entry into that loop split that went viral a few months ago... Credit to the person who discovered that first! Tag here if you know please :)

Had fun the other day swinging in the trees with @nickzerman ! Feeling a lot of anticipation over the busy month that lies ahead, so it felt great to spend some time outdoors 🌲🌳🌿

Here's a fun one I was playing around with this week. This no splits thing is challenging me to be more creative with my wraps, and I'm having a great time with it!

For those who offered your emails to help out in my survey for silks tutorials, thank you!! For those that didn't see my story and want to participate, you still have time! I'll being sending it out tonight. You can DM me here :) I will not be giving these out to third parties ❀️ Also song shoutout to @tobiparatufamilia for using this for our student show!
Song: Yo! My Saint by Karen O and Michael Kiwanuka

Man oh man, this epicness was only just one year ago 😍 still think about how much fun this adventure was with @nickzerman in Yosemite.

A reminder to all that if you would be interested in helping me get going with a tutorial/sequencing site, DM me your email so that I can send a brief survey! Emails will not be given out, and I will not use them for anything but this ❀️

Having fun playing with this sequencing! I've been avoiding more splitty shapes lately in order to let some lingering injuries heal, so it has been fun to explore ways to twist in and out of the fabric.

Shout out to @dey_dizzle for the song inspiration! Happy to have you back ! πŸ’œ

Taking a little time this morning to play with this fun and simple new to me sequencing before roasting some butternut squash 🀀

Hope everyone is enjoying the kick start into holiday season ❀️

Knee tanglies, last one from the bridge fun @nickzerman and I had recently. Excited to open up outdoor shoots in the New Year! **Crash pads will be involved for outdoor shoot offerings** If you're in LA and interested in something like this, comment below with your preferred location type (nature, industrial, etc) πŸ’œ

One arm hangin' out

Thanks @nickzerman for the πŸ“· !

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