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Jas and Zoe- Stranger Things  ♡im coming in ♡Mileven ♡mama Steve ♡Goal=get cast of ST to notice us ♡Friends dont lie ♡011 ♡353 days Dm us for edit ideas+theories Tag if repost

Finn- look Y/N I like you, but more than a friend, I mean I really like you. Your beautiful, smart, funny and kind and you make me feel so happy.
You start to blush and he stammers, then all of a sudden he is leaning towards you, he is so close now that you can smell the salt on his skin. Then he is kissing you, but out of nowhere Noah is running up to you and you break away quickly. It is Finn’s turn to blush as Noah eyes you two and stifles a laugh.
Noah- I see you two spent your time well then!
Finn- shut up Noah
Noah- alright alright!
You laugh awkwardly and check the time, it is already 5:30! You where having so much fun that you lost track of time!
You- oh no, I have to leave, my parents will be expecting me back home.
The boys tell you they have to leave too, Finn says he will come with you since he only lives a couple of streets away. You bid your goodbyes to Noah and walk off with Finn.
It is awkward on the bus, you don’t talk much but when you do it is just casual small talk. When you get off the bus Finn comes with you. As you are walking Finn stops you:
Finn- Y/N wait, about before I-
You- Finn don’t worry about it, it’s ok. I like you too!
Finn- thank God!
He slips his hand between yours and you walk the rest of the way home, you stop outside your house:
You- I had fun today, thanks so much.
Finn- me too, I’m so glad you came. We should do it again.
You say goodbye and start to walk off, but then you turn around, run back and give Him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then you run inside. (End of chapter- 15 comments and 15 likes for next post)

The next day you are finishing off your homework ready for school tomorrow when you get a text from Finn:
Finn- “hey Y/N, Noah and I are hanging out at the beach today and I was wondering if you wanna come?❤️”
You- “I’d love too! I’ll go ask my mum now❤️.” You quickly finish your homework and ask your mum, she says it’s ok as long as you are back by 6:00pm. You thank her and go get ready, then you catch the bus to the beach where you spot Finn and Noah. You walk over to them and put your stuff down:
Finn- hi Y/N, it’s great you could make it!
Noah- hey Y/N nice to see you again!
You- thanks guys, it’s good to see you again too, thanks for inviting me!
Finn- no problem
Finn locks eyes with you and you blush and look away.
Noah- uhh so shall we go swim now?
Finn- sure, Y/N?
You- let’s go!
You all run into the water, jumping over the waves, the boys dive in but you are too cold. When they come up Finn notices you haven’t gone under yet and splashes you a little, you shriek and then they are both splashing you! You join in and start a splashing war! After a while you are all cold so you run back to your towels and collapse about laughing.
Noah- hey you guys want some chips?
You- sure!
Finn- cool!
Noah- I’ll go get them
You- I’ll come with you
Finn- ok I’ll stay here with the stuff
So you and Noah walk across the street, Noah starts up a conversation:
Noah- so what school do you go to Y/N?
You- I go to (your school)
Noah- no way I just transferred there since we moved houses and my old school was too far away!
You- really? That’s awesome! Well at least you know someone now.
When your food is ready you head back to the beach. You all finish the chips and Noah decides he wants to go back in the water:
Noah- you guys coming back in?
You- nah I think I’ll stay here
Finn- yeah I’ll just stay here with Y/N
Noah- ok I’ll just leave you here to have some alone time (he winks and runs off)
You- Finn what was he talking about?
Finn- don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.
You- come on you can tell me it’s ok
Finn- ok ok, well the thing is that I, um, what I’m trying to say is...
He takes a deep breath in
(End of chapter- 10 comments and 15 likes for next post)

Happy late birthday Millie @milliebobbybrown we love you all so much and you are doing an amazing job! Enjoy being 14! You are such a beautiful, sweet and kind girl, any girl would look up to you as a role model! Love you lots and lots❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💖💖💖😘😘😘😍😍😍😊😊😊😁😁😃😃😁From @jaslyn_222 @zoe.triantafilis @ajones5_ and me!!!
@milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown
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You are sitting at a cafe with your friends when a group of loud boys come in, laughing and joking. You stay for a while longer as you talk and sip your hot chocolate but then your friends have to leave as their mums are picking them up.
Your mum is working late so you hang around to wait for her, as you are looking through some clothes in a department store you bump into the boys from the cafe, knocking over the dress in your hand. The boy who knocked you quickly bends down to pick up the dress and hand it back to you. He introduces himself as Finn:
Finn- I am so sorry, Here let me get that for you, I’m Finn by the way and you are?
You- I’m Y/N
Finn- nice to meet you Y/N, hey we were just gonna go grab some pizza wanna come?
You- sure, I have nothing better to do.
So you all head over to the food court and Finn introduces his friends as Noah, Gaten and Caleb. When your pizza is ready you sit down and chat as if you’ve all known each other for ages. Soon your phone rings:
Mum- hey Y/N, I’m in the car park waiting for you.
You- ok I’ll be there in a minute.
You hang up and then say goodbye to the boys and tell them it was nice hanging out with them, then you get up to leave. As you are walking away you feel a hand grab your wrist, you turn around and see Finn holding you.
Finn- hey I had a great time today, it was nice to meet you, (he blushes) and I was uh wondering if I could have your number so we can hang out again?
You- oh yeah of course, (you give him your number) but I really have to go coz my mum is waiting.
He gives you a quick hug and runs back to the boys, you can hear them laughing as you walk off. You smile and get into your mums car, all of a sudden your phone dings, it’s a message from Finn:
“Hope we can hang out again, Finn❤️”
You smile again as you think of the amazing day you had.
(Chapter 2 coming later)

Jillie is confirmed what are your thoughts? I personally don’t like Jacob but Millie can do what she likes and I will still support her, please don’t give me hate for this I’m not hating on either of them💕❤️

Jonathan you need a haircut


Omg Finn is so scary
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Tough choice, comment below your pick

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Definitely Finn, what about you?
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