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Chapter 18- (friends)
You are walking around the food fair after buying a Cotton candy to share with Sadie when you bump into Millie.
Millie- omg y/n heyyyyy!
You- oh hey Mills! This is my cousin Sadie.
Sadie- hi, nice to meet you.
Millie- hi I’m Millie!
Millie turns to you:
Millie- omggggg I just had the best idea!
You- what?
Millie- we should have a big sleepover tonight! That way I can get to know Sadie better! Maybe we can invite the others over?
(Millie knows Finn, Caleb and Gaten since you all meet up last week.)
You- yessss that’s a great idea! I mean if that’s ok with you sade?
Sadie- of courseeeee I would love to meet your other friends, and Finn of course!! *she starts to poke you in the sides and you let out a giggle*
You- shut up Sadie! Ok how about everyone comes over to my house at around 4:00? (Its currently 12:00)
Millie great! Mind if I come round at 2:30 so we can get ready together?
You say yes and then Millie says she has to go and meet her mum but a minute later your phone blows up with messages from the group chat. Millie has told everyone about the sleepover and all the boys have agreed to come.
You- looks like we won’t be going to see that movie tonight!
Sadie- nah it’s ok, don’t worry about it! Maybe tomorrow though?
You- definitely.
Then your dad picks you up and you both go home to get ready for the sleepover.
An hour and a bit later your mum comes back with a whole bunch of junk food and some rented movies. You thank her:
You- thx soo much mum!
Y/m- no problem honey! Ok so your dad and I are going to go out for dinner tonight we will be home around 1:30? So you guys should probably all hang out back in the game room and people can sleep in the spare room. Try to not stay up too late and keep the music down! Also money is on the table for pizza.
You- wow thank you so much mum, your the best. I love you, have a good night!
Your mum and dad get in the car and drive off leaving you and Sadie alone.
All of a sudden you hear a knock on your door...
(Oooo what’s gonna happen next??? 20 likes 10 comments for next chapter)

Chapter 16- (your cousins visit pt 2)
A beautiful girl with long red haired steps through the gates to meet you. (Swipe)
You scream:
You embrace her in a big hug and you are both crying, and babbling to each other nonstop. Finally you break apart and Sadie greets your dad. Then you all walk back to the car and go home. When your inside your mum has already set up the spare room for Sadie and she has gotten out buckets of junk food, you thank her and sit down with Sadie to watch a movie. You finally decide on watching Pitch Perfect 3 but half the time you are too busy gossiping and catching up to even here the movie.
You tell Sadie all about Finn and then she tells you about the guys she used to be dating and how he cheated on her so she broke up with him:
You- SERIOUSLY?!?! What a jerk, he is obviously to blind to see how amazing you are.
Sadie- Huh thanks, but get this- the girl he cheated on me with totally came up to me after and asked if we could be friends!
You- omg noooo she didn’t!
Sadie- Yes! She acted as if she had no idea even though everyone knew we were dating! So guess what I did!
You- what!?!?
Sadie- I slapped her in the face and told her to do better. I wound up with a detention but it was worth it
You- wow...
You end up watching the end of the movie before you both pass out on the couch.
You woke up to the smell of your mum cooking pancakes and your quickly woke up Sadie. You both went to get dressed (swipe again) and then you sat down at the table to enjoy breakfast.
Y/m- so what are you girls thinking of doing today?
You- well I was thinking we could go to the fair and after that we could go catch a movie?
You look at Sadie
Sadie- sounds great to me!
So when you are finished your dad drops you off at the fair and you two wonder around for a while.

Chapter 15- (last chapter was meant to be 14 not 15)
A few weeks go by and every day Millie sits with you and Noah at lunchtime, you can see that they are starting to get closer and you occasionally notice Millie laughs a little harder at Noah’s jokes and you have a feeling she likes him as more than a friend.
Then it’s finally Friday, you are in the last period of the day and you keep glancing at the clock, you check again, 10 minutes until school is over; until the weekend begins. You are really excited because after school you are going to go meet your cousin at the airport because she has flown half way across the world to see you this weekend. You have planned out a really fun weekend, tomorrow you are going to the fairground and going on heaps of rides, then you are going to the movies.
You are daydreaming about all the fun you are going to have and you don’t notice Noah tapping your shoulder until Mrs Price calls your name-
MP (Mrs Price)- y/n!?
You- uhmmm... yess MP?
MP- have you finished thinking about whatever is so important that you can’t be bothered to pay attention to the lesson I’m trying to teach?
You- oh, no I’m sorry MP.
MP- of course you are, would you like to answer question 3?
You- ummmm-
Noah quickly slides you a torn piece of paper which read 42. You smile at him in thanks and repeat the numbers to MP
MP- glad to see you actually know what we are doing Y/n.
All of a sudden the bell rings and you grab you bag and bolt for the door. You shout a goodbye out at Millie and Noah before jumping into the back of your dads car. You are driving straight there as your cousins flight arrives in 25 minutes. Your phone dings and you see a text from your cousin:
Cousin- y/n!!
You- omgggg I can’t believe you are coming here!
Cousin- me tooooo I haven’t seen you in forever!⏲
You- lol, we are going to have the best time.
Cousin- I can’t wait to meet this Finn you have told me soooo much about!!!!😘😍
You- shut upppp🤫😑
Cousin- 😂😇. We are landing now!
You- ahhhh we are just coming into the car park now, see you soon💋xx
-end of text convo-
You and your dad run to the gates of the airport and wait for your cousin to get off the plane. You are so excited.

Chapter 14- ( Millie’s house part 2)
*sorry I haven’t posted in a long time I was really busy with school* so what has happened so far is that you and Noah are sleeping over at Millie’s house.

You- my mum said it’s fine if I stay the night!
Millie- great! Well Noah is staying over too so how about we finish watching this movie and then go to bed?
You all agree but halfway through the rest of the movie you are all fast asleep, resting your heads on each other’s shoulders and laps.
At 12:00 you and Millie both wake up and giggle at a snoring Noah who has half fallen off the bed. You decide to prank him by getting coloured markers and scribbling all over his face. Then you get some shaving cream and squirt a pile onto his hand, next you tickle him on his stomach since his shirt had come up in the middle of the night. Then just as you expected his hand, filled with shaving cream, slaps the spot where they were tickling him. Then all of a sudden he opens his eyes and lets out a little shriek. You and Millie collapse into laughter as Noah desperately tries to wipe shaving cream off himself. After a while you give in and get him a towel to wipe off the cream. Then you all decide to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack. You find two blocks of chocolate, some crisp packets and half a tub of ice cream. Then you spend the rest of the night eating and chatting about school. The next morning you have breakfast and pack up your stuff, then you mum comes to pick you up and you tell her what a fun night you had.

Sorry for such a short and horrible chapter I had no idea what to write

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ARE. YOU. READY?!?!?!?!?

Chapter 13- (Millie’s house- part 1)
After school you meet up with Noah and Millie, then you all walk to her house. Millie’s house is only a couple of streets away from school but it is massive! It looks like a mansion, there are huge arched windows, a large oak door and even two small wings off the side of the house!
Millie shows you around and leads you upstairs into one of the wings. Its beautiful with pale pink walls, cream white furniture and a king sized bed with curtains draped around!
Millie- this is my bedroom
You- woah this is amazing Millie, it’s absolutely beautiful!
Millie- thanks Y/N
Noah- yeah Mills it’s awesome!
You all jump onto Millie’s bed and she says-
Millie- hey guys let’s go make milkshakes!
You and Noah- YES!
You run downstairs and grab every good looking thing you can find and throw it into the blender. You divide the mixture in 3 and play a competition of who can make the most loaded milkshakes. (Swipe to see the milkshakes) When you are finished everyone agrees that you have won!
Then you go back upstairs to Millie’s room with your milkshakes and popcorn and settle down to watch tv.
Millie- you guys want to watch Netflix?
You- sure
Noah- of course!
Millie- ok what should we watch?
You- how about Riverdale?!
Millie- YESSSS
Noah- ok then Riverdale it is.
You decide to binge watch both seasons. When you are finished it is already 5.00 pm so you text your mum-
You- hey mum can I stay over at my new friend Millie’s house tonight pleaseee!
Your mum- of course darling!
(End of chapter- part 2 soon)

Chapter 12- Lunchtime
The week passes and still Millie hasn’t sat with you. It is Friday, you and Noah are sitting and eating your lunch while working on an English project together.
All of a sudden you hear footsteps coming towards you, you look up and see a pair of shoes in front of you, then a voice:
???- mind if I sit with you two?
You- MILLIE! You decided to come!?
Millie stands still looking down at you, a sandwich in her hand.
Millie- yeah I was tired of the others and how they treated me so I took your advice Y/N, sorry it took me so long though.
You- don’t worry about it! Come on sit down, we are working on our English project.
(You had told Noah about the bathroom incident with Millie so he understands what’s going on)
Noah- hi Millie, I’m glad you could join us!
Millie- ahh thanks, you must be Noah?
Noah- yeah!
Millie- so are you two dating or something?
You and Noah laugh together- haha no we are just really good friends.
Millie- oh cool!
You guys spend the rest of lunch hanging out, then when it’s time to go to class Millie says:
Millie- hey I was wondering do you guys want to come to my house after school today?
You- sure that would be great!
Noah- definitely.
(End of chapter- sorry for a short and boring chapter the next one will be better!)

Chapter 11- Millie’s Problem part.2
Millie- it’s my boyfriend Jacob, I’ve had a fight with him... and it’s all my friends fault, they are always teasing me about him and being mean to me. But for some reason Jacob blames it all on me! And he keeps trying to show off and he ignores anything I say to him.
You- I’m so sorry Millie, I feel terrible for you! You know maybe you shouldn’t hang out with these girls any more, why don’t you forget them all if they make you feel so bad. And as for Jacob, he should be grateful to have such a beautiful, amazing and talented girlfriend, maybe you should leave him too?
Millie- oh I know but what would happen if I did, they would bully me and then everyone would hate me! I just have no idea what I can do!
You- well you know you could always come sit with Noah and I? We sit around the back of the classroom on the oval.
Millie- look i like you Y/N but I have a reputation as popular girl, imagine what people would say if I started hanging out with, no offence, losers?
You- no offence taken, but seriously you would put your reputation over how your feeling?
Millie- I don’t know anymore... All of a sudden she hugs you-
Millie- thanks for your help Y/N
Then the bell for class rings and you start to walk towards the door-
You- just think about it ok, maybe you could sit with us at lunch?
The day passes, at recess you watch Millie sit and eat her lunch surrounded by friends, when they joked she laughed weakly and stared off into space. Then at lunch you look for Millie but can’t find her any where, you feel disappointed she hasn’t taken your advice.
(End of chapter- next chapter soon)
Sorry for such a short chapter
And guys none of this stuff about Jacob is real, it’s just the character in the story so please no hate!

Chapter 10 (Millie’s problem)
The weekend goes by quickly, you spend your time studying for a test and hanging with Finn.
It is soon Monday and you are meeting up with Noah before class starts, you are sitting in regular spot and are chatting about the maths test. There is 10 minutes left so you decide to go to the bathroom before getting your stuff for class, you tell Noah you will meet home back here at recess and you run off.
*in the bathroom*
When you come out of your cubical you hear someone crying, you check no-one is around then you call out-
You- hello? Umm whoever is in there are you ok?
???- no, just leave me alone!
You notice it is a girls voice and it sounds familiar.
You- well if you come out you can tell me what’s wrong
You hear snuffling noises and some feet shuffling.
???- you promise that when I come out you won’t laugh at me?
You- of course I won’t laugh!
???- well ok then
You hear the lock open and you are stunned when you see who walks out.
Millie from your math class, the most popular and pretty girl in the entire school, stands in the door way staring at you. Her eyes are bloodshot, her cheeks are red and her nose is running. You grab a tissue from your pocket and hand it to her, she takes it and says “thanks.”
You- so what’s wrong?
Millie- it’s my boyfriend Jacob, I’ve had a fight with him...
(End of chapter- 10 likes and 15 comments

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