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I loved you at your darkest
Romans 5:8

La concha

Aê galera, pra quem ainda não sabe... daqui a alguns meses eu estarei me tornando um profissional na área da fotografia. Se puderem me dar uma moral, seguindo a minha conta "profissional" eu agradeço. Em breve estarei postando!

Time is like a song, our moments together are like chords that we are not able to play anymore but the melody is what will never be forgotten. Isn't this nice? To look back 'n see how much shit we have been through together! I really don't know what would I be without you, i mean, ur like my other half.
Sweet sixteen baby girl!!

"Apenas que busquem conhecimento" sdds sua brow

I førget abøut time 'n space
But i can't støp thinking 'bøut yøur face

capitalist jungle

Olha o céu
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Só pq @ennycleo pediu kkkkk

We first met at 1968, but by that time i was just a soul and he was just imagination...
We met again this summer, i was walking down the beach, when suddenly something caught my attention. I didn't know what was it, but I knew that it was part of me. He stared into my eyes and slowly said:
- where have you been?
I didn't say anything, but a couple of words just jumped out of my mouth:
- I've been lost, can you help me?
He said:
- Im a lion, the king of my own jungle, if you somehow get in, i will be there to protect you from anything.
I was young and stupid and didn't understand anything that he said, I looked at the water, I don't know why but it was just there comforting me. When I looked back to him he was not there anymore, tried to find him but he disappeared...
Have you seen a lion?
-Ferreira Greg

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