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sweet_opi " I encourage you to set your own high standards and do what you do with a sense of purpose, passion and fulfillment. Not to impress others, but to make an indelible impression. Not to compete with others, but to compete with your BEST self. It’s great when others speak highly of you, but that cannot be the main reason for your striving. For we walk this journey alone while in the company of humanity. The first breath we take is our own and the last breath we take is our own. No one else’s! So I challenge you to raise the bar on YOU. Expect more. Believe more. Do more. Become more. Break the chains of lack, limitation and low expectation slavery!! Come to the understanding that you truly deserve more and that it is your duty, responsibility and obligation to be prolific in your production and Success. Our time here is too short to come at Life any other way. "
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