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Normal Rondell Holmes
  •   supern3s Dude this is hilarious I found the blog last night who ever thought of this is a genius!! 2y
  •   rondellholmes @supern3s Same for me, a friend text me the link last night and I was dying laughing going through it. 2y
  •   supern3s So good! 2y
  •   mrdonavintripp @rondellholmes texts from Bennett on tumblr is funny as 2y
  •   rondellholmes @mrdonavintripp Hell yes, it has fallen off though and barely any posts for past month or two. There was some debate about whether or not there really is a Bennett, funny even if it's fake though. 2y
  •   mrdonavintripp @rondellholmes yeah it has fallen off lately even if it is fake the shit dude says is rediculous 2y
  •   rondellholmes @tessdfw Haven't checked it in a while, need to look it up to see what I've been missing :) 2y

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