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calebjkd1 Work hard play hard#wingchung#upperblock#fun 1mon

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  •   grgrgrshark @davo_65 your photos just get better and better 5mon
  •   davo_65 Thx @grgrgrshark I have that many I reckon I will be posting them for mths 😀 5mon
  •   grgrgrshark @davo_65 I look forward to it :) 5mon
  •   b4brother Yr pictures are very good. Are u a professional photographer ? 3mon
  •   davo_65 Not at all @b4brother I don't take it too seriously. Just take photos of what I like 😀 3mon
  •   b4brother You got such good eye(s). I could "feel" your pictures 3mon
  •   davo_65 Thx buddy @b4brother. I like yours too and also your taste in music 😀 3mon

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X-Pro II ChaRming MoOn
hiroko_hikari It's been a four days that I'm working here#AYA#InternationalBankingDivision#IDB#UpperBlock#BAK 6mon

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  •   beswellfit 1y
  •   viiilllll We're pleased to announce 3 new kids classes and a change of times to our Wednesday Lil Dragon class.

    Wednesday Lil Dragon Class (4-6)

    From Wednesday 13th March 2013 the Lil dragon class will
    change from 4pm - 5pm to 4.30pm - 5.30pm. This change is to allow parents more time to arrive at the class on time from school.

    New Classes

    Lil Dragons (4-6) Tuesday 19th March 20134.45pm to 5.45pm

    Kids Zone (7-9) Tuesday 19th March 20136.00pm to 7.00pm

    Kids class (10-14) Monday 18th March 20136.00pm to 7.00pm

    Existing members have the option to change one of their training days to one of the new days once the classes start. If you'd like to do this please speak to one of the instructors so we can change your training day on our system.

    We only have a limited amount of members that can make this change so we will offer it on a first come first served basis.

    For any queries please speak to one of the Instructor team

    Kind regards,

    Croydon Martial Arts Team

    020 8686 5420http://www.croydonmartialart.com/ 1y

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Rise Patty Bosley
pattybosley What on earth are they putting in here? #ChurchSt #BTV #upperblock 2y

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