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  •   dstroyr Love it! Wish I would have got to meet you at Irwindale at FD Finals when was that 2012? 1h
  •   1awrencee 57min
  •   bondo31 @dstroyr yeah back in 12. I will be out to Cali soon. Going the mothersday mooneye's event. You should go! 55min
  •   dstroyr I already have my booth paid for Mooneyes. 50min
  •   bondo31 @dstroyr oh shit! Badass, I am working the event and will have my Rustbucket there. 49min
  •   dstroyr Cool see you bright and early then. Hahaha 47min
  •   sweetrevenge11 So handsome! 37min
  •   hearse_eddie SEXUAL TYRANNOSAURUS 34min

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reidunaina Ei stille vårstund i fine Haugesund ♡ 12.04.14

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Normal Lars Bødskov