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shes_awildflower Bahahaha an #amazing #postcard one of my #favorite #people in the #entire #world sent me! I love #NicoleHerzog to the moon & back <3 she doesn't have an insta so I'm hash tagging her name :D no matter how far apart we are, or how much time goes by, we always find a way :) our love will NEVER be quashed <3 yes, quashed! #NorthDakota where the #boys are #lmfao too fucking much #icant #lolz 8mon
  •   amandachristine498 Are you from warren wanna join me for a drink at Rolf's? 8mon
  •   shes_awildflower @amandachristine498 I literally justtt saw this -.- my phone sucksss! Not from, but near warren. But I live in montclair now! Next time I'm home i'd love to have some dranksss :) 8mon

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