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has_been A recent trip to Mars 2y
  •   has_been @moyaa44 - Very long and tiring, but very good inflight entertainment. 2y
  •   has_been @igorangel - It's like a budget Ansel Adams! lol 2y
  •   has_been @kteis - Thank you very much. 2y
  •   boomtown525 @has_been She's a dog robot attacking astronauts in Val Kilmer's movie, Mission To Mars lol 2y
  •   has_been @boomtown525 - Oh, that must be how I got those scars on my ankle! Damn robot dogs!!! 2y
  •   pr0meth3us It really look like Ansel's shots! Btw, were could you find the PlusX? I love it's tonality, too bad it's discontinued! 2y
  •   has_been @pr0meth3us - Thank you...that's a very flattering statement. This shot was from a couple of years back, but I can't remember if it was pre or post the death of Plus-X (120 format). When I found out that Kodak was pulling it, I bought up quite a bit, but shot it all over the next year. As much as I love FP4+, Plus-X is one of the discontinued emulsions that I will miss the most. R.I.P. 125PXP 2y

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