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kenzieandpip Hey hey hey hey my head is spinning 'cause of you.
This was supposed to be my #saderpday but I didn't upload yesterday. For some reason, I haven't been feeling the most cheery. It's hard to write happy, positive captions when you aren't happy.
QOTD: Funniest moment at a lesson?
AOTD: I have two. The first wasn't really during a lesson but it was during the break, the farm we ride at had fake snow and all of us were playing in it until I threw a snowball directly at my instructors head and she chased me down, tackled me and shoved snow down my shirt. The second was on a trail ride after a lesson, we were all watching our instructor try to jump over a ditch but she over jumped and Kate fell off and when she tried again, she was sitting on Brownies neck.
#smiling #thoroughbred #myhorsehasproblems

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