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  •   niravshah24 ML 14h
  •   rishiahuja24 Haha no thanx for me?? 14h
  •   pranavadarsh Stop saying rage na! it makes no sense! Ur going to party... Not beat up random innocent ppl out of sheer anger! No body goes to do 'rage' !! 8h
  •   pranavadarsh This word is driving me crazy! Lol 8h
  •   jatseee . 1 number.. @spazzydrama 8h
  •   spazzydrama @pranavadarsh #hatersgonnahate #potatoesgonnapotate u of all the people should know about my obsession levels! 7h
  •   notomorrowliketoday Hey @pranavadarsh @spazzydrama I hate to chip in unsolicited. But rage is totally the right word for a certain kind of party. It's synonymous with American English "get bent" / "go on a bender " or " turnt up" or even "rage". Lol especially if you're from or hang out with people from Bombay, you hardly party, you most likely rage. Usually you rage at a party, but you can rage at home or on a roof or in the rain or rage alone or rage quietly etc, no issue. 2h

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