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airitopia I was tagged by @paigeyoona to do the 10 random facts about me tag. I don't really know who to tag... I might tag people later... ---------------------------------------------------
1 • I'm vegan and an anti-speciesist.
2 • I'm a huge shark enthusiast and can name any shark just by looking at it.
3 • Bring Me The Horizon have been my favourite band for about 6 years.
4 • I love English and would love to become an English teacher and teach abroad.
5 • I suffer from Tinnitus and hear loud ringing and fuzzing 24/7! "•*😑*•" 6 • I can speak Japanese, Korean & English.
7 • I have dyslexia and dyspraxia.
8 • I can play the drums and the recorder.
9 • I have broken 8 toes, 2 fingers, an ankle, my arm in 2 places, torn ligaments in my neck, shoulder and foot and de-skinned a finger, my knee and the side of my foot. I'm extremely clumsy!
10 • Even though I'm 18 almost 19 years old I get mistaken for 16,15 and sometimes even younger on a daily basis! ---------------------------------------------------
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  •   hiyaems Hey tag me!:) I'll make my response as a YouTube video? 1d
  •   airitopia Yeah sure, that would be awsome! . @hiyaems 1d

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