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crazyangel77 ★CAST AWAY★

Just me & this beautiful Waingapu beach ... ... Oh, with my camera (of course) & my manfrotto & my wireless remote .... so Yep! This is a selfie (Duhh!) .... Gonna post a Collab after this. Hope you all still stay tuned .... & I Wish you all have a fantastic week ahead, my awesome friends ★ •

SETTING: NIKON D3200, Nikkor 18-55MM, Aperture F 20, Shutter speed 2.5 sec, ISO 200, Variable ND I-Lens + wireless remote & 10 sec Self-timer •

Ps: Will post our collab, Josh @joshknightlee ... thank you for sparing my life all this time, for sucha delayed post .

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lorikinzz My first shot from vacation! The shot of this little guy was taken in Banff. He looks way too small to me to be out on his own, but his momma was nowhere in sight
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Normal Rozemeir
rozemeir כשייגמר כבר הצבע האדום הזה ושהכל יחזור למסלול השפוי ושיחזרו החיילים האמיצים בשלום הביתה!! אמן!! 1d

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rozemeir לילה טוב חברים!! כשאצלינו שקיעות יפות, בדרום עשן ופיצוצים, נקווה שהכל ייגמר ושנוכל כולנו רק לצלם שקיעות ושיהיה שקט לכל עם ישראל!! 6d

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elysabete .
"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be." - Anne Frank

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crazyangel77 Are you lost too, guys? Mooooh . So I found myself lost in some desert in Waingapu-NTT with bad internet coverage (that's why been inactive these past few days, sorry!)... & meet these awesome guys .
They're kinda shy pple, every time I come closer they'll take few steps away farther ... so yeah, I plugged in my Nikkor 18-105MM and shot em pics from distance.
Wish I bring my Sigma 18-250MM that time *sigh*

######### •
SETTING: NIKON D3200, Nikkor 18-105MM, F 7.1, 1/320 sec, ISO 100.



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tinalife I am on a short trip to entertain our American guest and I'm having very poor internet connection. I just wanted to let you know quickly I read all the comments on my last picture and they really touched my heart. Thank you so much for your support! I'll get back to you as soon as I'm back home again! Love and light to you all! 22h
  •   gabral Guten Morgen liebe Tina 😀 14h
  •   alboline Guten Morgen liebe Tina, Klasse Bild!! Da machst Du " Appetit"auf mehr Solche Ausflüge und Eindrücke sind so schön und wertvoll ich freu mich für dich 14h
  •   schottensbine Das ist so schön, von dir zu hören, liebe Tina. 13h
  •   peterjayk It's a beautiful view . . . take it in & celebrate the moment, tomorrow is too far away to worry about. Love to you Tina 13h
  •   annacz64 Take care of yourself dear Tina!! We wait for you 7h
  •   a_snapshot_in_time Enjoy ! 36min

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