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snow_body I look like a creeper

Ok guys sorry this is late :/ the trivia will official start tomorrow. IF YOU COMMENT HERE THAT YOURE PLAYING I WILL TAG YOU WHEN I START BUT YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES! I WILL CHECK!! •

Comment below!!

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lost_and__insecure_ Oh what I'd give to brush him one more time. I can't believe he's really gone I don't think visiting my farm will ever be the same with my baby gone. #Rip #Horse #Horstagram #farminglife #BarrelRacer #barrelracingprobs 2h

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snow_body I look ridiculous but my horse on the other hand

So we would be doing trivia right now but I'm missing one follower... So until then here are the rules!

Must tag at least one account below ( if you don't like to because you don't wanna be annoying, DM and I can give you an account that won't get annoyed )
You must be following me and I will check
Go like at lease 3 of my pictures PLEASE! I will check!
No arguing with me about points/pictures/ANYTHING!
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!! 😛


Thank you to my 875 amazing, fantastic, dedicated ( mostly), followers! Y'all are perfect

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snow_body You can't really tell but if was riding Cutter backwards... And that's my hair mixed with his mane 😎

Guy I got head butted in the stomach by a cow and I hurt sooo bad! •

Cows are not my friend

QOTD: Should I keep doing QOTDs? Cause not many people are answering them

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4hearts_2loves Dazs ears!
400th follower is going to get a shoutout!! But at the moment I'm loosing followers so.... Thank you to the ones still following, I love you all but the ones that unfollowed
Wishy dogs luck!!! Miley is being neutered today and then Ruby is being neutered tomorrow!!! Wish them luck

Comment '' if you read all that

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