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lily_lovely27 With this handsome lil boiii (; #Cutie #kisses #happybaby #lovehim #nephew #hiseyes #lovely 35min

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justinbiebersbelieber17 His Eyes :
I smile to myself biting down on my lip. To be honest I don't wear dresses when I go out - but tonight I am. I wanna wear something new door once. I put on black six inch heels, a short and tight black dress and curl my hair. I smile to myself as I finish my makeup. I grab my phone and dial Y/F (Your Friend). Y/F : Hey Y/N.

You : Hey, be ready in fifteen. We're going out tonight.

Y/F : Ooh! Where?

You : The Weekend, the club.

Y/F : Yes! I'll see you soon!

You : Haha, alright bye!

I hang up and grab my perfume, spraying myself. I look over at the box of birth control laying on my counter. I grab one, better safe than sorry. I pop it in my mouth and take a sip of water before grabbing my phone and some money.
  •   justinbiebersbelieber17 *Twenty Minutes Later*

    We step in to the club and my veins start pulsing. I swallow past the lump and smile while looking around. Bodies swaying, people making out, music bumping. It's all so beautiful.

    Y/F : Let's drink!

    She demands while dragging me with her to the bar. I chuckle.

    B/T (Bar Tender) : How can I help you fine ladies tonight?

    We giggle.

    Y/F : Twelve shots of whatever will get her laid!

    She points at me while laughing, the Bar Tender laughs while setting down twelve glasses.

    B/T : Oh trust me ladies, this will have every guy wanting your sweet asses. *Winks.* I lost count of the shots a long time ago, I just keep giggling and laughing. The Bar Tender guy is called Josh.

    Josh : Looks like you have a long night ahead of you! Mr. Bieber is enjoying the sight.

    He nods his head past me and somewhere else. I follow his look to see a guy standing at the balcony. He locks eyes with me and smiles before licking his lips and grinning. He backs away, blowing a kiss at me, without the hand. I gasp and look away and back to Josh.

    You : Who's that?

    Josh : Justin Bieber, the owner. *He smiles.* And from what I heard, he knows how to treat a lady right.

    You : *Giggle.* Nah, he's looking at you.

    Josh : Nah, he's looking at you. 56min
  •   justinbiebersbelieber17 Just then a pair of arms pull me back into a chest.

    Stranger : Well what's your name pretty lady?

    I glance back at the guy and see Justin. I look at Josh who is chuckling.

    Josh : It's Y/N. *He pauses and smiles.* And Y/N this is Justin.

    The guy releases me and smiles at me.

    Justin : You have a beautiful name.

    You : Thank you. *I look down smiling.* Justin : *Places his thumb under my chin and tilts it up till I meet his eyes.* Don't hide.

    You : I'm not. *I say too quickly.* Justin chuckles and Josh places two Margaritas in front of us. I take a sip and so does Justin.

    Justin : So you here with anyone?

    You : Yea, my friend Y/F.

    I look around and finally spot her on the couch with some guy. I point and Justin looks over.

    Justin : She's with my man Za, she's all good.

    I smile and gasp. Justin smiles confused.

    You : Josh! I want a whole bottle of Vodka!
    Josh smiles and hands you a bottle. I open it and flash a smile at Justin before walking onto the dance floor. I steal Y/F from Za and pull her to the floor. She has a bottle of Scotch and nods her head. I start swaying my hips to the rhythm and look to her in approval. She nods. I keep doing the same thing while drinking from the bottle. This is my night. *Hours later.* Everything is blurry and to be honest my sex is throbbing. I feel a hands catch my arm as I grind on some guys. I look up. It's a security guard.

    S/G : Ma'am, I'm going to need you to follow me.

    I don't get to respond when he drags me with him, not harshly. Where am I going? Why is it only me. He leads me upstairs. Why? What's happening. He opens a door and gives me a push in before shutting it behind me. I look around, only to see a guy standing. He's smiling. Justin. I sigh in relief.

    Justin : How are you holding up?

    He makes eye contact with my hips and chews on his lip. I want him. It starts to build up and I want him now. This compete stranger has me wanting to fuck him on the spot. I look up and meet his eyes. Oh God. His eyes.

    #JustinBieber #JustinDrewBieber #JB #JDB #Belieber #Believe #Imagine #Fanfiction #JustinBieberImagine #JBImagine #JustinBieberFanfiction #JBFanfiction #HisEyes 55min

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ayee_its_kaylaboo His eyes are soo pretty. He da bae. Nd he has an adorable laugh nd his smile just makes me smile. He makes my day wen we hold hands and talk. I'm a lil shy round him nd he is shy round me. But he is an awesome bae. #goodnight #lovinghim #hiseyes @jazmyn_alexis @zyaire1234 love you Zye. 1h

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Inkwell i would be thin but youtube

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_kals13_ Aiden Justin . #hiseyes #qt. 2h

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mariaaa513 Freezing our butts (& hands) off #philliesgame #hiseyes #baseball #winterinspring @dustinj1991 2h

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mecayla1 I just found this freaking attractive picture on my phone. Yep, that definitely made my entire day! <3 #HolyCrap #DangImLucky #HowCanSomeoneBeSoAttractive #HisEyes #Handsome #YesPlease #492Days 3h

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whereoine Do you know that feeling in your chest? The one you feel when you see him again? You realize you haven't moved on, and that you can never move on. It's not pain in your heart, It's sort of an aching.. #sadquotes #sadlovequotes #unrequitedlove #depression #pain #sadness #unrequitedlovequotes #hiseyes #hissmile #him #helpme #youdontloveme #quote #quotes #l4l #f4f #heartbroken 4h

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