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soleheavilystacked Photo from yesterday's Photoshoot Model @vietxpinay in the 3m Nike dunk high snakeskin pack and our "HER SHOE GAME SICK" LEGGINGS.

Available on our website now. Www.soleheavilystacked.bigcartel.com ******SIZE LARGE CURRENTLY SOLD OUT******

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frezhdivision Got 3m? Get Frezh!!!! Sneaker connoisseur shirts! Get yours now at www.frezhdivision.com GET FREZH!


2014!! New Rules!
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Sneaker Connoisseur: Noun: \ˈsnē-kər \ \kä-nə-ˈsər \ A seasoned judge in matters of all things related to sneakers. Not defined/influenced by one brand, company, or collection but appreciates and collects various sneakers based strictly off personal style, not hype.

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Normal Emmanuel Carriaga
  •   lovealwayslin awwh so sweet of you! and you know I always got love for you! 😑 lol shut upppp! I get so busy now! 4h
  •   pcarriaga84 Haha no doubt..I appreciate it and I know you live that #jetslife @lovealwayslin squeeze a kick pic in once and awhile! Lol have a great week 4h
  •   lovealwayslin I will this week just for you! lol 4h

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