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alchemist_1 Even-though I have realized that if I am not quite a hermit, I am a recluse, and that I leave my silent and discreet life only to share this pure Dhamma (Natural Universal Law) so that others may benefit, as I have benefitted.

The world of material confusion, religious arrogance and spiritual mis-direction does not attract me in any way, and as I have said so many times, I'm not a teacher or a guru, I'm only an Awakener. I propose only that we live to our potential to awaken and share the ensuing love, compassion and joy with all beings, no matter who, no matter what and no matter where. To disolve into selflessness and become one with life itself.

Live with Iove and be aware.
This is the whole teaching, more than that is only politics, social and gender division and separation in one way or another.

I am here to serve those who commit to Awakening and self realization, as Buddha & other Enlightened individuals served the world.
I am not attracted to even the idea of becoming just another spiritual celebrity, someone famous for presenting a ‘popular Dhamma’, that pleases the emotional heart but has no real depth.
My place must be to serve the world and lead by the spontaneous manifestation of honesty, integrity and energy for Dhamma and that which is necessary for the often long difficult un-learning process of self realization. ------------------------------------------------ #Awakening#Consciousness#Enlightenment#Alchemist_1#Wisdom#Philosophy#Enlightening#Spirituality#LightWorker#Hermit#UniversalLaw#HigherAwakening#HigherPurpose ------------------------------------------------

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symplynisa Day 51...the more and more I get in touch with myself the more and more I focus on what I want and need to fullfil my #higherpurpose #nosettling #100daysofbeinghappy 18h

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supermoonlightning "I would like to encourage you to stop seeing yourself as a body with a soul and instead see yourself as a soul inhabiting a body. Fear of death is nothing more but fear of the unknown. You are actually a lot more used to the non-physical spiritual realm then this physical 3rd dimension reality. You have just simply forgotten all about it. You are much more then just flesh and blood. Remember you are made of energy, and therefore you will always exist (because energy can neither be created nordestroyed) whatever happens in this life, is only a vehicle to move you along, not a beginning or an end. No matter what the ego tells you, no matter what your body feels, those are merely just experiences that you need to feel to achieve what you came here to do, be, & experience. On some level you already know everything that needs to be known. However you don't remember it all right now because it will prevent you from the experience of the here & now, but when you start to seek your truth, it will come back to you. Always remember that there is nothing to fear. Happy journeys, everyone. 18h

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