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4min kevinmerky
Normal Snapchat-merkyyy_13,
kevinmerky Love this car so much #glanza #ep92 #toyota #forsale 4min

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Normal Reece Hodgson
reece_hodgson_ So much want for this! #toyota #glanza #jdm 11min

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sergey_trd #Glanza#v#turbo#trd Готова) 8h

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12h bampton89
X-Pro II Dan Bampton
bampton89 Im friends with the monster, thats under my car bonnet ;) #toyota #starlet #glanza #fresh #rebuilt #engine #pocket #rocket 12h

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twistedsymmetry New rad and imtercooler mock fitted :) should lose about 8inches of pipe work :) #toyota #starlet #glanza #glanzav #trackcar #trackaddict #vf34 #fmic #externalwastegate #glanzaworld #tgtt #ukso #jdm #jdmdaily #wepr 14h

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patorolla Portate bien GLanzita! #Toyota #Glanza #EP91 18h

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beastmode_panda Getting a bit cocky now tbh. 20h

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subienacho Ya devuelta a la casa porfin dia larguisimo pero algo se pudo hacer jajajaj #toyota #glanza #glanzav #boost #boostgauge #momo #pioneer #fknlongday 1d

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  •   sonofkeith Bride kuga seats on rails made for glanza £450

    Takata harness most likely a rep £60

    Cusco rear brace £55

    Bride door cards made by me the bride wrighting aint straight but get told they look good all the time £80

    Bride gear gaitor £25

    Prosport oil pressure gauge and
    Prosport oil temp gauge £80

    A random boost and another oil temp gauge £35

    2 gauge piller pod £40

    Blitz sbc id boost controller with power metre £250

    Ek9 polished gear knob fits straight on £25

    Tm indiglow dials genuine in mph or kph with dials £75

    Front mount for td04 £150 2d
  •   sonofkeith Wepr top mount drag manifold and downpipe with td04 and turbosmart external wastegate and oil feed and return and an8 fixings for water lines £650 only a few months old
    Kode bonnet raisers £7

    Kaikamoto full exhaust £200

    A 76000km engine £550

    Full loom £100

    Front strut £30

    Rear axle £60

    All plastics £10 EACH

    Stock skirts black £40

    Unseized brakes £80

    Sunroof shell with mot till december flew threw £100

    Headlights £50 ONE broken clip
    Clear indecators £30

    Stock rear lights £25
    Black wings £60

    Doors £40 each
    Electric fold in mirrors £45

    Dished motomec steering wheel and boss near new £50

    Genuine glanza matts drivers tacky £35

    Slim line alloy rad and slim line fan £65

    Civic rad brackets £25

    Blue hoses £50 2d
  •   jakeyb1995 Why are you breaking it? Such a shame 2d
  •   sonofkeith Cause I don't wanna spend any more money on it and have family commitments and want a pick up truck and a jet ski 2d
  •   jakeyb1995 Fair enough, Shame to break it tho, not many glanzas that look that awesome 2d
  •   sonofkeith Joys of owning a glanza there never where you want 2d
  •   matttheard First call on the ducktail dude 2d
  •   sonofkeith @matttheard you on ukso? I've got a breaker thread on there I'm putting names to parts 2d

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