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Normal heatheradcock31
heatheradcock31 This was definitely NOT in our plans for today... #AbscessedTooth #GettingItOut #ToothFairyComesTonight 1d

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autumngailynn_ "Don't be afraid to change. you may loose something good, but you might gain something better." #bluehair #gettingitout #ohwell #dontlikeit #whatyouthink #tbh #change. 5d

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evilmeggers Hollywood is having a tude. So in our house this is how we handle this. The bigger we get pillows or beds. We get the angry out. She kept attacking the camera well and me. She was body slamming me too. Looks like "gym" time in the morning, bright and early. We all need to throw people around. #angry #hollywood #funny #gettingitout 2w

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paintandtincans More Legendary Pillow Stomper #songs coming. #gettingitout 2w

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red_beretta II

As I rise this morning,
I realize,
You'll be pleased to know,
The distraction of you has passed.

Memories fade into the reflection of a mirror,
Smoke and circumstance.
Each thought I have,
Now clear,
Where you once caught me off guard,

The face I see,
Now, just my own,
Brightness overcomes,

The haunt of you,
Returned to tethered glass,

Where you shall stay,
In memories put to rest.

A new day dawns,
And with it comes,
An awareness of the past,

To not place so much value,
In promises words,
When we weren't meant to last.

And, all the sums,
Of words you spoke,
Don't add up to be,

The things I thought I needed,
To shape a better me.
#poem #poetry #writer #writing #morning #mirror #smokeandmirrors #past #lettinggo #emotions #seeingclearly #newday #distractionsgone #happiness #reader #reading #bibliophile #words #sharing #this #gettingitout #voice #vox #takecare

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X-Pro II Yolonda Griffin
gildedgoddess My favorite book - my "Create" journal. Getting it all in order. #production #gettingitout 3w

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davouchi Ayyyyyyy CANT HOLD IT INN ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #MusicLivesInMe #KeepShootingWithYaEyesClosed #GettingItOut 4w

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marleysbestfriend Still being myself and keepin' my head held high with all the constant reminders of you. I see now finally how your borke me down, degraded me, treated me like trash, cheated, lied, and most of all played me. You pinky promised forever. I believed. But you fooled me with your sweet words and decieving smile. All that time i spent, gone. Wasted. Just wished i would've seen it sooner. The next girl you've got will be played like you have with the past ones. For her sake, i hope she relizes your lies before to late. Im glad i did what i did. Your gone. Its better for me and thats my number 1 concern. #ranting #gettingitout #finalrant #done #10months #betteroff #ex #stayingstrong #beingme #f4f #l4l #realtalk 1mon

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bengulleythinks Awoke from my nap singing this melody. Songwriting with the sniffles. #songwriting #sniffles #lovesongs #guitar #gettingitout 1mon

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juanamare I find comfort in these lines. #writing #itsalligot #gettingitout 1mon

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red_beretta I used to be such a lively thing, full of piss and vinegar, adventure always readily at my heels.
The one in the room having the most fun,
Now it seems I'm doomed to tears.
I've heard it all before, I know the old routine.
The driver's seat is mine,
kick the shit out of those dejected fears.

I no longer know my place,
inertia creeps.
The toll it takes,
eating away the years.

I sit and stew in the blood of my low moods.
Not a place for a woman of grace,
Toiling and troubled,
mixed amongst the sulk of brood.
My skillset evaporates tethered to work I tolerate,
Not knowing which move to make,
to generate a spark of varied interest.

Scared straight,
I'll waste away to missed dates,
and rueful lists
of binge wishes.

Without a soul to validate,
the emptiness I feel.
Not even a good look in the mirror.

Cut adrift from fun and folly,
just to wallow in my own self-pity.
What a loss,
These faded dreams I toss,
so huge a cost,
if only I could find my way.
#writing #emotions #gettingitout #tiredofemptydistractions #wheredidthelovego #midlife #needingmeaningfull #mood #moodwriting

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red_beretta Much like a game of tennis,
Our words go back and forth...back and forth.
One ace shot hurled over the net,
To be returned again on the rebuttal.

Sweat drips in my eyes,
From the heat of our quarrel...
This sun is much too hot to take.

Tears come on quickly to soothe my sunburn,
Aloe and shade nowhere in sight.
Standing on the boxy court,
I lift my racquet to send my serve.
In midair, I realize there is no game to be won.
The truth of the matter,
Is this is love...Where the words I'm right have no place.

So, I accept an equal match,
As I raise my white flag, tossing my racquet to the ground.

Suffering is no victory,
My eyes hurt so badly from these burning tears,
I surrender, you've won.
#poetry #latenight #writing #tears #love #lovelove #nomoresuffering #therapy #writer #gettingitout #grief #nomorewar #lover #emotions #sadness #expression

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red_beretta Trust does not come easy. Perhaps on the outside, but not deep down where my suspicions and nagging doubts are kept. With good reason, I try and sweep them under the carpet, yet, the only way out...is through, to the other side. Will I learn to trust you again? Time, and your behaviour will lead the way. I took an oath to be your Queen, for you, to be my King. Feeling neglected by some of your poor choices, has left a sullen hole in my once solid heart. Only this mason can repair the damage done. And a growing need to trust you once more. My tool belt slung low on my hips, I'm doing the best that I can after such a short time. #writing #gettingitout #trust #vital #time #necessary #writer #wednesday #TLC #thesethingstaketime #workingthroughit #oath 2mon

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red_beretta A heavy heart keeps me awake at this hour. Feeling unsure of myself. Nagging doubts. Fears. Insecurities. The smoke has blown over, but is it simply the eye of the storm? How complacent I feel. Sadness gripping me in her clutches. Emptiness. Loneliness, even though life goes on all around me. I know I stay inside of my head for too long. Where the taunt and tease of hopelessness lives. Most days I give it a good fight. Some days, it kicks me in the teeth. When I feel low and unlovable. Seeping memories spill over my eyes, feeding on all the goodness I have. Flashbacks of moments gone by where I've not had the choice to stop the wrongs that have been done to me. All, such is life. Who wants to suffer? Who wants to know pain? Who wants to deal with heartache? I don't believe I seek these things out intentionally, that when they arise, it's an opportunity for learning and growth. Sometimes I just grow so tired. Exhausted. Wanting to be taken care of and reassured. To trust in love. To trust in truth. To trust in belief. The sliver of dawn peeking in through an open window reminds me that this shall pass. Just as the Sun rises in the East, and sets in the West. A bit of sleep might do me some good. #truth #insidemyhead #exposure #sharing #heart #gettingitout #insecurities #sliveroflight #hope #words 2mon
  •   maaike_blue I feel you babe. 2mon
  •   grayvervain beautiful written...I hope the sunrise brings you peaceful energy 2mon
  •   red_beretta @maaike_blue - thank you dear. I think the stress from last week did a number on me and I'm feeling the reverberation from it. 2mon
  •   red_beretta @grayvervain - thank you so much for your kindness. I'm hoping with some necessary fitful rest I'll be feeling better. 2mon
  •   rwarbarkmeow @bberetta constant ace I feel too. It might be our souls just know no rest. In a peace, lay your heart on the pillow of my ace too, because we share the same struggles 2mon
  •   red_beretta @rwarbarkmeow - thank you dear Kate! Your thoughts bring comfort. 2mon

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