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Normal llerreD

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28s rxvlnxss
Video RXVLNX$$
rxvlnxss Haha dude I cant remember this shit #loaded #faded #drunkaf #shitfaced 28s

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pemracan Bereketli haftalar 1d

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Lo-fi Cameron Archer
_cameronarcher No trampoline 10' dunk 12mon

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lenatybeachwear La nostra testimonial @fiadoneflavia indossa bikini Rouches Le Naty in edicola su rivista Di PiùSHOP ONLINE:www.lenaty.it 9h

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Normal Cameron Archer
The @GF_Daily themes for week commencing 14th - 20th July are as follows:

Tuesday - Green

Wednesday - Technology (computers, cameras, smartphones, etc)
# gfd_technology

Thursday - Sculpture
# gfd_sculpture

Friday - HDR (in collaboration with @hdrstyles_gf)
# gfd_hdr3
# hdrstylesgf

Saturday - Faceless - any photo where the subject's face is not shown (in collaboration with @portraitstyles_gf)
# gfd_faceless
# portraitstylesgf

Sunday - Architecture (in collaboration with @buildingstyles_gf)
# gfd_architecture2
# buildingstylesgf

Please take note of the required additional tags.

...for your photo to qualify for selection of the @gf_daily Photo of the Day.

Recommended Daily Posting Times
10:00-11:00PM SG / PHI
3:00-4:00PM London
10:00-11:00AM EDT / NY

Post new photos only
Reposting of photos is acceptable
No tagging of old posts
Early and late posts are acceptable
No spamming, No nudity
Not more than 3 posts
Your original photos only

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