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kumar87 Sometimes hard work pays off. #equalfirstauthor 2y
  •   coopar Is this about drifting? 2y
  •   _septembers What is the relationship? 2y
  •   kumar87 @_venus a graded positive relationship between BMI and disability. Much stronger in females 2y
  •   kumar87 @coopar lol no its not 2y
  •   mitch44 Fat people are always of the lower demographic and cost the tax payers a lot of money and also are unattractive to look at 2y
  •   coopar Wow! You're alot smarter than you look @mitch44 2y
  •   mitch44 A one page thesaurus wouldnt be very good help for a crossword. Specialy if it's on the computer 2y

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