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bin_fellipe "Open your eyes
And know you're free to come alive
You gotta live while you can
We only get one life
Look to the sky"
#Boa #Noite #boyce #avenue #One #Life

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cameronboyceimagines Chapter 1:

Gabriella P.O.V:

I never really thought something that tragic could actually happen to me. You would think they happen in the movies, and only the movies, but now I know that anything is possible. I'm not saying that in a good way though. The things we don't want to happen end up happening because...it's possible. I hate that.

I mean I've already had the ones I love disappear from me more than once so what's the point of love? What exactly is love? Well to me, love is something you can't trust. It always comes back to bite you in the ass.

It's not just the romantic love. It's family love. I've lost a lot of family members, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even my Dad. That was the one family death that was the hardest on me. He worked in the marine court for almost 15 years. (More)
  •   cameronboyceimagines It made me feel like everything just...vanished. Like every single bad thing that ever happened to me disappeared. A feeling of accomplishment.

    My sobs were interrupted by a soft knock on the door.

    I wiped my tears away and got up looking the mirror fixing myself, "Just a sec." I said "Sweetie. It's me. Open up." My Moms gently voice said.

    I turned the knob slowly and creaked the door open. "Ah honey it's okay." She said hugging me and resting her chin on my head. "It's over now, it was so long ago. It's time to move on. There's someone out there who will make you forget your love loss. It's okay, alright?" She said.(more) 6h
  •   cameronboyceimagines I nodded, "I just don't understand why it happened to me of all people. What did I do wrong? Why did God do this to me?" I cried wrapping my arms around her. "God does things for a reason, it may hurt at first but in the end...it helps you. He's leading you down a path." She explained "But it's been 3 years Mom, 3 years I have suffered. It's not helping me in any way, and it's not going to end." I said releasing my grip from her.

    She wiped my tears and fixed me up, "It will sweetie, trust me. Lets go back out there." She said grabbing my hand and leading me back out to the table. (More)

    She pulled out our chairs as we sat back down.

    We basically sat in silence 10 min after that while finishing our dinner. "Cam, why not show Gabriella around the house while Tiffany and I get dessert ready." Margaret pointed out. "Sure." He mumbled and got up from his seat, "You coming Gabriella?" He asked now standing by me. "Oh yeah, sorry." I said, my face burning with embarrassment.

    He smiled and began guiding me to different rooms. "This is the living room." He said, "Obviously." He added as I giggle. (More) 6h
  •   cameronboyceimagines "Come on." He smiled and guided me down some stairs, probably leading to a basement. "Woah." I stated staring at the amazing site.

    The walls had an accent of black and white with a long black couch at the back and a flat screen HDTV facing the room. There were two white beanbags on either sides of the couch. Next to the tv was a shelf full of movies. "This is amazing." I said in awe. "Here let me show you something even better." He said leading me to a a door before opening it.

    My jaw dropped. There in front of me stood a beautiful tan wood piano. Oh my god. I've been playing piano since I was in 3rd grade, it's like my other escape besides, you know...cutting. Music speaks to me in some unknown, special way. (More) 6h
  •   cameronboyceimagines "Do you play?" He asked sitting on the bench to the piano. "Yeah, I do." I smiled running my fingers across the piano, "Do you?" I asked. "A little." He replied scooting to the edge of the bench for the piano. He patted his hand on the other side, signaling me to sit, which I accepted. "Sometimes I make my own songs." I said, "And most of the time they don't really work, like fit all together you know?" I said "Yeah." He smiled playing random keys. "I'm sorry about umm..your loss." He said.

    My smile slowly faded as my eyes watered a bit but I took a deep breath and shook them away. Stay calm. Don't cry. No more breakdowns. I told myself.(more) 6h
  •   cameronboyceimagines "It's fine. Nothing anybody could have done about it." I said
    He nodded, "How did he die?" He nervously asked.

    I froze again and stood there. I couldn't let him see me cry, I couldn't. I calmed down again and looked down at my fingers. "I can't..I...umm...see-" he cut me off. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked, it's none of my business and I'm sure you don't want to talk about it. It's cool." He said.

    I nodded and focused on the piano.
    I played other notes on the opposite side of the piano slowly meeting the middle. I felt my fingers brush against Cameron's fingers as he made his way in the middle of the piano as well. Our hands just stayed like that for a while before we stared back at each other. (More) 6h
  •   cameronboyceimagines "Your so beautiful." He whispered staring in my eyes.

    I blushed and hid my face with my hair until he took his fingers and brushed it out of my face and tucked it behind my ear. The moment the tip of his finger barely touched my skin I pulled away, "We should get umm back upstairs." I said getting up, "For dessert." I added. "Yeah." He said, "I-I'm sorry I just-" I cut him off, "No, no it's fine. Don't worry." I said as he smiled and we made our way upstairs. (Note: Cameron is not famous in this story) 6h
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shauna299 Day16- favourite bands..forgot ta do this for a few days #bands #fresh #re #boyce #avenue #bands #love #their #songs #there #both #wow #aprilphotochallenge #photo #challenge 7h

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buster_and_reggie Meet our friend boyce sunbathing on his holiday! #boyce #frenchie #frenchbulldog #sunbathing #fabulousfrenchie 9h

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g_doublea With anyone else beside of me
And now its clear as this promise
That were making two reflections into one
Cause its like you're my mirror
My mirror staring back at me

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