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bestjbfanfics COMMING SOON ! " You didn't even turn around to look back , Didn't even stay to watch me cry , Now when I turn around to look back , Everything you said was a lie..." Justin Bieber , you may have heard of him ? 19 year old Cocky bastard , cold, and emotionless . A total player.

Love has never had meaning for him ,he has his Girls , Drugs , and friends so what else could he need ?
That ofcourse is untill a certain brown haired beauty walks into his life .

Katherine Gomez 18 year old collage student, living on your own is never easy right? But who cares as long as you have faith in yourself.

She's sweet innocent and never lets anyone walk over her , so what happends when she crosses paths with the towns biggest jerk ?

Shes heard of him , i mean who hasnt ?
But she never thought meeting him would be the best and worst thing that could ever happend to her .

How is it possible to love and hate someone at the same time ? - This love is so red ! " You had me right there in your clutch I felt the rush Then you just looked away like red love red red love ..." - MY STORY


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9mon bsrosy
Brannan AlinaMaximova
bsrosy Наконецто купила:) 9mon

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