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a_profashional Things happen _ sometimes really traumatizing things happen. You feel like you've lost it all. It's a different reality than what you are used to. Your typical defense mechanisms/ survival tactics are simply no match for the devastation. It's a greater war internally than what most can ever imagine from the outside looking in. Then it happens. The opposition begins to seemingly win battle after battle. No one knows or cares to know the details or truth of the matter but are quick to broadcast their opinions. Then one day ... The decision is made to conquer and win. The war within. The warrior rises. Fights EVERY factor that contributed to the setback even if that includes set beliefs, habitual practices, perception, peers, family etc. Destroying everything that attempted to destroy you. Even if that means beginning again. Super Shoutout to @breakyostigma #AmazingMovement & #AmazingPosts _ & much #Love #Peace #Strength to Britney & all of us who go from victims to victors. It takes a Different Kind of Super Power #mentalhealthawareness #HealthIsWealth 23h

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