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  •   thenaturallucy @kingeyob excuse me?!??? Do not leave negative comments of any kind on my post... I don't care how you feel. Leave your negative opinions to yourself or on your own account. 1y
  •   kingeyob Fuck him ill be at the event to let him know also 1y
  •   thenaturallucy @kingeyob oh I see you're that type....well you don't need to come to an event that people that share a common interest in and make it a negative one. You can stick with his opponent who you seem to not have an issue with on how he has ran the city of Saint Louis.... Ok got you. Seems like you have a personal issue with him but I could care less how you feel 1y
  •   kingeyob Lol and voting for him just cause he black makes a difference.... Smh little black girl lost 1y
  •   thenaturallucy @kingeyob Let me get you straight because obviously you must have forgotten or not know who I am.... Because I'm educated I will refrain from belittling you with a small vocabulary. See unlike you, I'm motivated by change... And apparently unlike yourself I watch the news... I've watched while every morning getting my daughter ready for school in the morning all the shootings that happen during the evenings and day time because the lack of police on the streets to protect my fair city. I'm proud to be from Saint Louis @kingeyob and I want someone in office that loves it too. You refer to yourself as a king, young man you have no clue what it is to be royalty because your actions prove you to be a peasant. #IgnoranceNeverGrows 1y
  •   kingeyob A peasant, lol I hear you so you think change is going to come because of him, ok. Don't throw rocks at the throne check yourself 1y
  •   thenaturallucy Again referring to yourself as a king... HA!!!! And staying with the same is going to give us progress? Are you serious? @kingeyob What facts can you give?? No not your negative comments, but facts... 1y

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