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Normal Pilar Rodríguez
ohimsotiny "Don't give me THAT look"... #CrotalusSalvini #rattlesnake #TheReptileShop 2y
  •   natie5 Haha "I'm gonna eat you" look? 2y
  •   ohimsotiny @natie5 no, she looks like Gema when shei' mad at me... Hahahaha :p 2y
  •   ohimsotiny She's* 2y
  •   natie5 Who's gema? 2y
  •   ohimsotiny @natie5 my GF :) 2y
  •   natie5 Haha sorry! Never told me her name. She gives u the nasty look to huh? Hehe u naughty 2y
  •   ohimsotiny @natie5 yeah she gives me THAT look... And im like a puppy dog u_u 2y
  •   natie5 Haha sounds like my relationship. I'm always the sad little puppy n say sorry for things when they aren't even my fault or if I'm not even in the wrong lol I don't like fighting so try to be a good girl. 2y

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