kimkardashian Art lessons! Jeff Koons & Nori #ArtBasel 7mon
  •   ma.av Lol @rachelmendelowitz1 you wishh. This baby is gorgeeeous 4w
  •   _mrsjeff_ @angelinemwaah @angelinemwaah send this to me now 4w
  •   asiazhanexo If you stop reading this you will die my name is Teresa faldago post this on 20 pics or i will sleep with you forever girl ignored me And 20 days later die 3w
  •   laurasarmiento97 omg yall people are so rude! blaming stuff on a baby! seriously babies are innocent lottle angels yall need to back off because any baby is gorgeous no matter what! 2w
  •   okpurrfect She's literally the most beautiful baby ever 2w
  •   beliebersgohard Cutie 1w
  •   annaraskk Nori aka ett smeknamn till North.. @nnilssonlovisa , konstigt att du tycker att hon inte har det smeknamnet eftersom hennes mamma kallar henne det. Wow, kolla upp fakta innan du skriver nåt 1w
  •   speaking_about_sam her facial expression @instaduke_93 3d

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