•   blanddrew I'd give anything to see you happy, we care, if I had a chance to speak with you face to face.. I care, you are like a friend, I mean, i would love being your friend, and help u as a friend, not bc being Justin bieber the super star. I love you, dont let anyone to put you down, Im so blessed you came into my life 4 years ago, you've been by my side 1/4 of my life, and I will by by yours till the end. Te quiero 5d
  •   aya_emad91 Can u not? You are incredble . 5d
  •   will_j0nsson Bs lol 2d
  •   asaunders25 Do we still now know what this was for? @jenny_losos 2d
  •   asaunders25 Oops I meant not know but wow I can't believe we still don't know!! @jenny_losos 2d
  •   tropicaltumblah_ It was a funny or die skit @asaunders25 2d
  •   justinbieberlcy I love u you will see me 13h

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