victoriabeckham Getting ready for tonight's event in Beijing with @stilabeauty x vb 10mon
  •   jadegalot Love you're makeup 6mon
  •   san4ikson Botox face? 6mon
  •   alex10du Totally! Stop Botox !!! 5mon
  •   roselara @victoriabeckham simply stunning! 4mon
  •   ciaobelladanniella @ceee_ciii Says you! You look like Quagmires sister with that chin!! Aubergine face 4mon
  •   vgmarkova So in mature... Victorias page is for her job, and of course for her fans that want to see whats going on in her daily life. And not for in mature discussions of how she looks and what she does. She is a public face so being mean and childish will not make her notice you. Lets get that clear 4mon
  •   sarahlynettebridges ***immature ^ 2mon
  •   jnybrd I love that you love stila! It's one of my favorite brands, and it doesn't seem to get as much recognition as it should!:) 2mon

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