robinmay Today we hiked in the snow. I'm like a furnace and my hands were burning hot without mittens. Matt's the opposite and had a frozen little cherry-red nose. So with each hug he cooled me down and I warmed him up. We make a good team. 1y
  •   footprints6345 So sweet!! 1y
  •   butterflies191 So very sweet! Hey Happy Valentine's Day to Robinmay and MatthewJay! Sweet Blessings! 1y
  •   pauceav 1y
  •   moniquemicah @IG is like a box of chocolates. You never know who you're gonna meet! Congratulations and best wishes to our favorite IG couple, @robinmay and @ matthewjay. Who needs "The Bachelor?!". 1y
  •   portlincoln Happy. Valentines. Lately I'm a furnace an husband cold .. 1y
  •   itsmelizim beautiful :)) 1y
  •   worlddelulu I totally swung by your page just to see what "lovely love things" you were up to today - looks like a great valentines day! Love from colorado xo! 1y
  •   salseye very talented robin 1y

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