justinbieber Watch me on snl tomorrow night thank u Lauren ur the man 1y
  •   maisiewybrant I love you 2mon
  •   ellabrown1066 Oww perfect .. 1mon
  •   orianajb That's the justin I miss;( every single time someone tells me u did something wrong... IK ur not coming back to the justin u really are 1mon
  •   charlottekealey You did not just call one of the most historical and legendary people in TV history Lauren instead of his real name Lorne. HOW. Please leave this earth. 1mon
  •   halmira23 找我吗?? 3w
  •   thisisnotemily Lorne 1w
  •   camiipinheiro1 Oh god, you are perfect. I LOVE U SO MUUCH BABY, NEVER CHANGE PLEASE, PLEASE, NEVER. I LOVE U FOREVER, *PROMISE OF BELIEBER* Follow me please, it's my only dream plz 1w
  •   sidneyjones2000 I love you Justin! 1h

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