runemz Last run in January done! 351 miles. 340 on my @woodwaytreadmil . Rest day tomorrow. First run in my new @mizunorunning WR15's #usuallyawavecreationfan #furtherfasterforever #runaholics #lululove 1y
  •   runemz @josiesommer if say 2 months. 3 at the most. 1y
  •   josiesommer Okay Thankyou!!! 1y
  •   enjoyingthecourse Wow! 1y
  •   stripedturtle You are inspiring! I did 105! 1y
  •   vk_davies Woah!!! I bow down to the ab goddess!! I already have that skirt so I guess I better get a bosu ball and get going with that and planks. I need to stop the jiggle before I can dream of your abs. 1y
  •   hubbellm 351 is quite an amazing month! 1y
  •   heatherjenson You're amazing woman! Such an inspiration! 1y
  •   lizzyliz22 I LOVE that skirt, it's so cute! 1y

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