chrisbrownofficial Paint job. 1y
  •   ladyinred1980 He didn't hit her, it's made up shit from the puppeteers #illuminati. Listen to Tupac and MJ #killuminati. They are dead for exposing the truth. @chrisbrownofficial doesn't want a part of it, "rehab" is really mind control also why # Justin Bieber is being "weird" it's all made up to bring them down to remind them if they don't continue to brainwash everyone like beyonce, jayz, Kanye, the kardashians, gaga, etc they will be brought down. Sounds crazy but look it up. Do your research. Matter of fact look up illuminati playing cards, these were made ages ago and surely enough tell us the future, like the twin towers being brought down. Do the research. 5d
  •   terrythomast @ladyinred1980 I kinda believe that...but not time to check that 5d
  •   terrythomast @saricohen2 I said its not right to hit z woman but I dont blame him for hitting her for what she gave to him 5d
  •   tuncayyesilkaya Chris wtf whats happend 3d
  •   elkoki While only listen to the version of events by the Riding Hood the wolf will always be the culprit. 3d
  •   anylabutton54 @chrisbrownofficial you got me scared I think it was your thumb was of and you was bleading 2d
  •   its_emmanuella @anylabutton54 u really love Chris Brown 2d

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