vegnews Well hello new #vegan coffee drinks! 1y
  •   bkorzekwa Omg I want it!!!!! 1y
  •   tiffygore Whoop whoop!! @miriam0christina 1y
  •   dammdemi @mra0923 necesitamos muchos de estos! 1y
  •   mra0923 Esta un poco caro... Pero vale la pena cada centimo invertido @dammdemi 1y
  •   dammdemi XD @mra0923 1y
  •   megxistential @robynwdann Silk used to be owned by White Wave, but now they are owned by Dean Foods which uses GMO. They claimed to use "natural" soybeans, but research has shown that they are using conventional soybeans more and more. Dean gave money to block Prop 37, which would require GMO labeling. 1y
  •   megxistential is a good source of info. 1y
  •   alannnnaa Silks parent company uses gmos and donates money against gmo labeling 6mon

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