justinbieber Who can stop me 1y
  •   kailahching @mevalemadre69 on twitter. wbu lol? 1w
  •   amthoma aw babe love u 1w
  •   neverleavinjustin I won't stop u 1w
  •   luciii_girl Hey jus im so worryed about you i dont want that you take trugs or somthing else i love you please try to stand on the floor and be normaly!!!please!! 7d
  •   ariana_bieber_1994 No one im definetly not i love u to much 2d
  •   unalocachica Where to start, well i wanted to tell you that you changed my life your music inspires me are the best idol that someone may have, your beliebers i love as our love you my biggest dream you know yourself and be the OLLG, for you will do one day but any day to be the best in the word, your songs are the best of the world never ceases to be a belieber i love you because you taught me to believe and never say never and that's what i'll do i will fight to now, i love you very much change my life completely follow me would be another dream come true i love you, TE AMO NUNCA LO OLVIDES 1d
  •   esstefimaffioli Beatiful 1d
  •   loveyou123natasha I love you JB 20h

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