•   mvdzik ładna stopa 5d
  •   hk_dabby323 @chariscarrot sexy hands again...I m not talking abt the tat 5d
  •   chariscarrot haha how can he be such a genious that he makes a feet tat on his arms @hk_dabby323 5d
  •   natalierauhl ur foot is me 5d
  •   nairdulce E esse dedo 4d
  •   liizzbethhswaggy94bieebs Perfect's 3d
  •   louseattle So you're a billionaire right? Ya that's what I thought... So maybe try to spend that money on other people who actually need it than yourself! I think you might like yourself better if you try it! I'm happy to hear that you helped some people out in Africa but maybe you could do it some more and in some other places??? All that money that you spend shoes, tattoos, clothes, cars, houses, etc.... Could actually be a big help in to this world. You should do some research in Bill Gates!!! He should be your inspiration he has devoted his life to helping other people. He is the most generous person in the world. And I'm not trying to be rude here but you could really use someone to get your head out of your butt and look up and see the world how people who are in poverty see it. I think it would be a great change for you and more people would like you. And remember gmGod have you a great gift so use it wisely! Oh and buy a belt 31min

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