•   lucyordaz You are so perfect 5mon
  •   isafonso_ If you are missing, Kidrauhl is dying, sometimes it does not recognize you, you hurt me, but I love you and I will never give up on you.
    Your friends are sinking you, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THEM BEING AFRICAN DESCENDANTS, I'm saying that they are taking you on drugs, selfishness, and someone making you proud.
    I know that your life is very hard, I understand. But it is only they who love you think that leaving his beliebers to the background, but what if we give up you?
    I will not give up, I love you ok? But please I really want the Kidrauhl. "You will not have 16 forever," I know that, but you can be Kidrauhl forever if Justin Drew Bieber east!
    This was an order and not a request!
    I love you with all my strength!
    By: A desperate brazilian belieber!
    Brazil te ama <3 4mon
  •   i_want_justin_bieber Justin I love you please don't forget 4mon
  •   kimmy_hippy why why why 3mon
  •   danes_girl Follow me please @justinbieber 3mon
  •   bruuna_rafaella1 @justinbieber I LOOOOOOVE YOOOOOU 4w
  •   genesisbieber_ ILYSM BABY 2w

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