richforever @mrbrainwash @toddmoscowitz
  •   uva_syde2shonda I See You Dropping Pounds Like Crazy Daddy. You don't need to change anything cause you're perfect just the way you are! U 1y
  •   fuegolita Oh wow Rick Ross you look harmless without ur glasses lol 1y
  •   leef215 My boy @mrbrainwash 1y
  •   beauty_sosweet Hi there mr ross.... Im Michea if your EVER in Chicago let me no...!! Would love to meet you!!!! -yours truly 1y
  •   charellthomas Dat smile say.... Wait on u!!!!♡♡♡ 7mon
  •   syckryck Mr brainwash a clown ass nigga. Stealing peoples shit them claiming that its his. Banksy the real deal Rick check that dude out. 6mon
  •   syckryck Banksy Banksy Banksy 6mon

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