•   annishstonins Nice!! 2y
  •   miss_n_marbles @ack1 Perth Western Australia 2y
  •   ack1 @blindeyeperfect there is a league here in Tampa, Florida, USA. Thinking about checking it out. 2y
  •   miss_n_marbles @ack1 go for it!!! Highly addictive but stupidly fun!!! 2y
  •   fokuss_gf @blindeyeperfect thank u for your kind words! 2y
  •   emilien_stj Love that sport, do you play? 2y
  •   miss_n_marbles @emilien_stj I'm what you call "fresh meat" only been training for about 3 months. In 6 weeks I'll be doing my first assessment then 8 weeks after that my second one. From then on its a case of proving myself at training to be selected for a team. It's so addictive - I want to skate everywhere now!! 2y
  •   emilien_stj No doubt about that 2y

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